Show Gardens

Show Gardens

Every year BBC Gardeners’ World Live and the RHS bring an exciting collection of Show Gardens to life in a celebration of how imagination and creativity can transform any type of outdoor space.

A central focus of the show, these gardens reflect current trends and design ideas covering a diverse range of themes. Displaying excellence in horticulture and design, Show Gardens provide theatre and inspiration and are always a firm visitor favourite.

Garden categories include: 

Show gardens:

Other categories include:


Taking you on a #GardenJourney

Every year talented garden designers bring their ideas to life at BBC Gardeners' World Live. As a visitor you enjoy these wonderful Show Gardens, are inspired by the canny ideas and planting, and take home plenty of ideas for your own garden.

What you don't see is the inspiration, dedication, blood, sweat and tears that go into it.

Click here to see Paul Harris and Sid & Bridget's GardenJourney, from paper to reality in just a matter of weeks...