Add the colour of 2023 to your garden - Viva Magenta!

As we bloom into the year 2023 with new resolutions, we’re looking to Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, to inspire you to blossom in your gardens in 2023.

Pantone has named its highly anticipated Colour of the Year for 2023. This is an annual trend forecast by the colour giant that determines which colour is set to appear all over our homes and gardens in the following year.


Viva Magenta is a fabulous pop of colour to add to your border, windowsill or outdoor space, bringing a brave, joyous and vibrant splash of warmth to your garden.

What’s more, this empowering colour appeared across many gardens at BBC Gardeners’ World Events in 2022, so we’ve got the perfect inspiration to help you pick out plants for your garden in 2023’s trendiest hue…



Grow ‘Satisfy’, ‘Delicious Candy’ or ‘Magnus’ for a pop of Viva Magenta.

These flamboyant echinaceas featured on English Heritage’s Formal Bedding in a Dry Future Beautiful Border by Emma Peirce and Felicity Gray at BBC Gardeners’ World Autumn Fair in 2022.

Easy to grow, echinaceas are a striking plant to plot in any garden and will bring many buzzy visitors to your patch, including bees and other pollinators. Their seeds also offer something for the birds. Grow at the front of your border or in containers in full sun.  

Sow in March or April, or plant in May and June for brilliant flowers all the way through to late summer in September.



Try growing: ‘Spotlight’

You may have spotted this pop of magenta on the Where the Wild Things Are Beautiful Border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live in 2022 by Zoe Cook, Trellis Designed Limited.

Astilbe is a perennial with showy plumes of dramatic flowers atop fern-like foliage, perfect for a shady corner to add height and colour. These flowers will bring pollinators, especially hoverflies to your plot.



Grow ‘Sugar Plum’ or ‘Sweet William’ varieties for a warm pink pop of colour.

Did you spot these in the Floral Marquee at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2022? A traditional cottage plant, dianthus come in all sorts of colours and fragrant scents. 

Plot these in your garden beds or at the front of sunny borders and in containers. What’s more, these flowers make great cuttings to bring indoors, so you’ll be able to bring Viva Magenta into your home space.

Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering and trim back in autumn to promote new growth.

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Bergamot monarda didyma

At BBC Gardeners’ World Live, you may have seen these fiery pops of colour peeping out in Frances Tophill’s Show Garden. Why not try growing it at home?

These plants are another popular plant for bees, with a long flowering season, an aromatic foliage.

Grow plants in moist but well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Mulch around the roots with garden compost annually, and divide congested clumps in spring.


Why not try: ‘Ruby Slippers’

Foxgloves come in a range of colours you can add to your garden. Featured in the photo are some foxgloves you may have come across at BBC Gardeners’ World Live on Alexandra Froggatt’s floral feature inspired by the Peaky Blinders to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BBC.

Find out more about how to create your own foxglove haven at home from our previous blog here.



Grow: ‘My Castle’ 

A cottage garden favourite, lupin offers both height and colour to your garden plot. Their flowers are loved by bumblebees and they make a fantastic cut flower to bring indoors.

Plant in full sun and make sure to protect your plants from slugs and snails. 



Grow: ‘Raven’, ‘Garnet’, ‘Geoff Hamilton’ or ‘Flamingo’

Get growing Penstemons for a flourish of late summer flowers. Plant in groups of three or five for impact. Grow in moist, well drained soil in full sun and mulch annually. 



Try: Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’ or Rosa ‘Charles de Mills’

Roses are some of the most beautiful garden plants and make lovely cut flowers. They come in a variety of forms, from patio roses to shrub roses, ramblers and climbers. Most roses need sun and heavy soils to thrive. Mulch your roses annually with organic matter for the best results and make sure to also prune to promote healthy growth and encourage flowering. You can plant bare-root roses from November to March.


Are you a garden designer interested in bringing a Beautiful Border to BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2023? 

The Beautiful Borders are an annual visitor favourite at BBC Gardeners’ World Live and the seasonal BBC Gardeners’ World Fairs, as they display a variety of excellent designs, space savvy ideas, planting combinations and creative features that can be packed into a small garden.

If you’re a Garden Designer looking for a challenge in 2023, designing and building a Border could be just the ticket. At just a few square metres, a Beautiful Border is a unique way to showcase your skills to a large audience of keen gardeners, press and experts.

This year, we invite you, garden designers and creators, to encapsulate the essence of ‘My Garden Escape’. Your interpretation of the theme might be a quiet oasis or refuge, a place of mindfulness or an area shaped around its mental health benefits and sensory aspects.

Or is ‘My Garden Escape’ a place for friends and family to gather, to grow edibles for your table, to let your hair down in, or a firework display of exuberance and colour? Perhaps ‘My Garden Escape’ reflects one of your hobbies or pastimes, or maybe it embodies your ultimate happy place

As well as the prestigious Best Border and Best Interpretation of the Theme awards, BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine subscribers have the chance to win the coveted Best Subscriber Border award.

Find out more here.

If you have any questions or queries about the application or Show Gardens in general, email Lucy.

Calling all garden designers! Find out more about designing a Beautiful Border in 2023...
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New year, new garden, new trends!

We’re through the garden gate into 2023, with a host of gardening trends blooming throughout the country. From house plants reaching dizzying heights of popularity, to the colour of the year ‘Viva Magenta’, read on for our full list of trends.

To get up close and personal with fresh garden inspiration, new plants, the latest gardening kit and more, join us in 2023.

Colour of the Year 2023

Hand-picked by Pantone, the colour of the year has been named as ‘Viva Magenta. 

Pantone describe the colour as ‘brave and fearless, and a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.’

Discover a world of colour and scent in the stunning Floral Marquee,  bursting with award-winning nurseries and display.

Sustainable gardening

Whilst your garden might seem to already be very green, it can always be greener!

Discover ways you can make gardening more sustainable, like upcycling common items to make stylish features. What was a pallet, hessian bags, bits of pipe, and tin cans, could become a planter, grow bags, water features, and wildlife habitats.

Be inspired by the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine editorial team as they’re joined by experts to give tips and advice.

Grow your own food

Looking to go from soil to supper this year? Get brilliant advice from the National Allotment Society at the event.

Peat-free gardening

Learn about the latest peat-free compost from exhibitors who can offer face-to-face advice.

Indoor gardening

Foliage doesn’t just belong outside – bring nature indoors and be inspired by the Houseplant Hub.

Mindful gardening

Beautiful Borders returns with this year’s theme ‘My Garden Escape’ to give you space savvy ideas.

Gardening on a budget

Discover different ways you can let your garden bloom under a tighter budget, with advice from expert gardeners.

Fermented foods

Visit the BBC Good Food Summer Show (with free entry with your ticket!) and discover the latest foodie trends.

Feeling inspired? Find out what else is happening at BBC Gardeners’ World Live this June!