Meet the experts - Kim O'Brien

A background in Medical Sciences and Mathematics may seem an unlikely starting point for a garden designer, but Kim‘s extensive knowledge of these subjects has proven invaluable when drawing inspiration for her design work.  Kim creatively translates sequences, patterns, and natural geometry to the drawing board, enabling her to build schemes that speak from the heart of nature itself; using the rules and then breaking them accordingly as part of the creative process.
Kim‘s first garden transformation was her own Cambridge city garden which she renovated from a blank canvas to an elaborate floral haven 23 years ago.  Her design incorporated, a myriad of flowers, including dahlias; which she left behind when she moved to Toronto, Canada.  Fast forward 20 years; and back on UK soil; Kim’s love for dahlias reignited with a passion, and she now boasts a collection of over 200 varieties at her home, field and allotment.
Kim’s success as a flower grower has catapulted her to expert status in the area of dahlias in recent years.  With a passion to share her garden knowledge and expertise with other gardeners, Kim has written and curated her own ‘how to’ course, helping dahlia growers and providing step by step guidance on how to get the best from these fascinating blooms.
An accomplished floral designer, Kim works at a top Cambridge floristry company, meaning she gets to flex her creative muscle on a daily basis.  Experienced in creating bespoke floral installations in and around the city of Cambridge, Kim relishes the opportunity to design new and exciting arrangements using combinations of colour, texture and form.
Expert pods - KIM O'BRIEN