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  • Christmas gifts for garden lovers

    12 Nov 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    We know that this year will be an unusual festive season for most of us. We also know that gardeners are formidable planners. So, if you’re organising your festive gift list take advantage of our Chri ...
  • Chickpea and cabbage soup

    12 Nov 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    When little else will grow in the veg patch, the cabbage is king. Brilliantly versatile, cooked or raw, they also have an impressive nutrient profile especially high in Vitamin C and K and can be harv ...
  • Carrot and Apple Muffins recipe - celebrate Apple Day

    16 Oct 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    National Apple Day falls on 21 October, with celebrations taking place through the month. Pair your apples with another seasonal staple, the carrot, in this quick and easy Carrot and Apple Muffin reci ...
  • Lemon Pancake Gateau recipe

    24 Feb 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    Don't let the pancakes take all the credit on Pancake Day - grow your own lemons and let the often-overlooked partner take centre stage for once! We've got, especially for you, top growing tips for ci ...
  • Love Your Pet Day - garden tips for dog lovers

    18 Feb 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    For Love Your Pet Day, we asked Professor David Stevens, designer of The  APL's 'What Lies Beneath' Show Garden at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2020, for his top tips on how to make your garden a great s ...
  • Valentine gifts that keep on growing

    06 Feb 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    For Valentine's Day, our proposal to you is in the form of some of the most romantic plants available from a range of the incredible nurseries and growers who you'll find in the Floral Marquee and Pla ...
  • Leeks - grow and eat - roasted pheasant cock-a-leekie

    03 Feb 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    Leeks are a veg patch stalwart. They’re easy to grow from seed, and by sowing from February to June, you will be able to harvest them from late August through to February. We've paired expert growing ...
  • Classic Blue - Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

    03 Feb 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    There are few who can claim to have their finger more on the colour pulse than Pantone. For 2020, their colour of the year is Classic Blue.  To celebrate this enduring blue, we've compiled a list of o ...
  • Grapevines - plant of the month

    07 Jan 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    A grapevine (Vitis vinifera) can be a fantastic addition to a garden, covering walls or fences with lush foliage and producing tasty fruit. For those with limited space, an espalier vine can be especi ...
  • Cauliflower - grow and eat

    04 Jan 2020 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    Cauliflowers are satisfying to grow, though not known for their ease. Give them plenty of compost and space, firm soil and a secure net to deter pests, and you’re off to a good start! Try yours in Ros ...
  • Cranberries - grow and eat

    13 Dec 2019 BBC Gardeners World Live & National Allotment Society
    Cranberries are synonymous with this time of year, and it's far more rewarding to use your homegrown berries in festive recipes. . We've paired growing tips from the National Allotment Society with a ...
  • The Best Black Blooms

    29 Nov 2019 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    Black plants and flowers really set off a garden, adding contrast and interest. But, black flowers are hard to come by. In actual fact, it's impossible for a bloom to be completely black, rather a ver ...

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