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10 Jan 2019

Crazy for coral in 2019 - Pantone Colour of the Year

BBC Gardeners' World Live

Few have their finger more on the colour pulse than Pantone. Pantone is a internationally recognised color matching system, utilizing numbers to identifying colours, and this is the 20th year of their hotly anticipated 'Colour of the Year'.

pantone colour of the year - living coral - swatch

Living Coral has been announced as this year's colour - "an animating and life-affirming hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge."

The Floral Marquee and Plant Village at BBC Gardeners’ World Live are a veritable rainbow of colour, but here we’ve selected just a few of our favourite coral-coloured plants from exhibitors that you’ll find at the 2019 Show.

peony primrose hall nursery - coral - pantone colour of the year 2019

Primrose Hall Nursery - Peony 'Coral Charm'

This stunning peony is a herbaceous perennial with finely cut dark green foliage and semi double flowers opening in orange/salmon pink and fading though coral to apricot and then lemon.

Find Primrose Hall Nursery in the Floral Marquee or shop online now >

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Chrysanthemum Direct Allouise Salmon - Coral, Pantone colour of the year 2019

Chrysanthemums Direct – Chrysanthemum ‘Salmon Allouise’
Martyn, of Cheshire-based Chrysanthemums Direct, states this to be one of their most popular blooms – easy to grow and fantastic as a cut flower.

Find Chrysanthemums Direct in the Floral Marquee or shop online now >

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Harts Zelmira Oriental Trumpet Lilies

Harts Nursery – Lily Zelmira, Oriental Trumpet Lily

Zelmira Oriental Trumpet Lily Bulbs will produce a silky looking lily with Orange and Yellow petals that give an overall coral colour. A rich and luxurious lily for your garden, Zelmira lilies will reach up to 1.2m tall.

Find Harts Nursery in the Floral Marquee or shop online now >

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Dianthus 'Romance' Scented Garden Pink

Calamazag Nursery - Dianthus 'Romance' Scented Garden Pink

This plant is grown by Calamazag at their nursery and supplied to you in a 10.5cm pot, fully rooted & ready to plant straight out into your garden. Calamazag are regulars at BBC Gardeners' World Live, with a back catalogue of top Awards under their belt.

Find Calamazag Nursery in the Floral Marquee or shop online with Calamazag Nursery now >

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Somerset Sweet Peas Happy Birthday, 'Alice Hardwick' and ‘Alan Titchmarsh’

Somerset Sweet Peas – Sweet pea ‘Happy Birthday’, 'Alice Hardwick' and ‘Alan Titchmarsh’
Sweet peas cover the full spectrum of pinks from baby pink and coral to violet and indigo with pretty much every shade in between. Some of our favourite coral varieties include Happy Birthday and the incredibly popular Alan Titchmarsh.

Find Somerset Sweet Peas in the Floral Marquee or shop online now >

Join us at BBC Gardeners' World Live to browse the full colour spectrum of blooms, with over 100 places to shop for plants in our Floral Marquee and Plant Village.

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Living coral - colour of the year 2019


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