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14 Jun 2017

Garden Journey - Show opens tomorrow!

BBC Gardeners' World Live & Claudia de Yong

Wyevale Garden Centres LogoToday is judgement day - in just a matter of hours the eminent Show Garden Assessors (this year including Diarmiud Gavin and Garden News editor Ian Hodgson) will start their tour of the Show Gardens, clip boards in hand, to identify which Show Gardens will receive the Awards, be it Gold, Silver, Bronze or the top accolade of Best in Show.

With the finish line in site, we catch up one more time with Claudia de Yong, designer of the Wyevale Garden Centres 'Romance in the Ruins' Garden at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2017...

"We are now entering the last week of the show build and the days are getting longer and we are all weary but excited! Deliveries of plants and other materials come in thick and fast and there is no rest, as we unload one lorry, another is waiting in the holding area. There is an air of urgency on the show ground and everyone is beavering away, drills and machinery silencing the nearby planes taking off at Birmingham airport.

Wyevale Garden Centre Romance in the Ruins Garden

The chestnut poles have been made into wonderful arches for the walkway and then the painstaking task of unravelling climbing plants that have been grown on big bamboo canes, begins to adorn the pergola. The next stage is to lay the very heavy wildflower turf in the garden which is so tall it immediately makes the turrets look nestled in their surroundings.

Romance in the Ruins, Claudia De Yong, BBC Gardeners' World LivePlanting the garden has been tough as we have had trouble with the wind which whipped around the trees, the hedging and tender perennials as well as my hair! However, we battled the elements, carried on and emerge triumphant..

Turrets in Romance in the Ruins Show Garden, Wyevale Garden Centres

I won’t give too much away now as the big reveal will be on Thursday when the show opens. The show garden has been a real team effort and I have so many people to thank with the build and planting especially as on the penultimate build day, I managed to end up in hospital having torn the tendons in my middle finger which has amused all on site!

Wyevale Garden Centres Show Garden at BBC Gardeners' World Live

I hope you have enjoyed reading my garden journey and I look forward to meeting you at the BBC Gardeners' World Live, in the year we celebrate 50 years of BBC Two's Gardeners' World.


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