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10 Feb 2017

Garden Lover's Diary - February 2017

Garden Lover's Diary - February 2017

Whilst the world is an increasingly changeable place, February is a month to glory in the reliability of nature! I am relishing the longer days, the warmer air and the plants coming out of hiding - bringing with it the optimism of spring. We've take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch, bulbs are starting to show, buds are appearing, spring is here - and into the garden we go!

Keeping it real

Things are warming up at Show HQ too. The Show Gardens coming together, including the five APL Avenue Gardens and The Tesco Every Little Helps Garden, designed with real gardeners in mind, full of achievable ideas and overflowing with inspiration for your own garden.

Roses are red...

...violets are blue, and we’ve got a Rose Festival just for you! Every year we ask our visitors what you want to see more of, and every year you say roses, roses, roses! So we’re pleased to announce that Roses UK will join us again this year with The Rose Festival

In season - Leeks

Home grown leeks are a joy. I love washing off the grit and peeling back the layers - supermarket varieties just aren’t the same. Leeks are easy to grow from seed, and you can start now. Keep sowing until June and you’ll be harvesting next February too!

Plant of the month – Winter Aconite

Get the Midas touch! Plant bulbs of Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis) and look forward to swathes of gold in springtime as they multiply and bloom. Watch Monty Don's video on establishing Winter Aconites, and buy your bulbs from our show supporter Thompson & Morgan – they’re supplied 'in the green' meaning you can plant them straight away!

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