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26 Jan 2018

Garden Lover's Diary - January

BBC Gardeners' World Live
Garden Lover's Diary - January

I wouldn’t say I’m a follower of fashion, but when it comes to trends in the garden I’ve got my ear to the ground! 2018 presents some clear trends – all stemming from the fact that our outside space is precious and is coming at an ever increasing premium. More than ever, this year we’re going to be making the most of what ever space we’ve got. Be it a tired back corner, a troublesome north facing bed or the often ignored back door steps, we’ll help you transform it with pizazz and confidence! 2018 is the year to leave no stone unturned and make every inch of our gardens a piece of Eden.

garden lovers diary

Solve it in 2018

There’s no more hiding – in 2018 we’re going to be tackling some of those tricky spots in the garden head on! Be it a patchy lawn, a boggy spot or unruly climbers, this is the year to make it good. And we’re here to help, with a brand new Problem Solved! feature sponsored by GreenThumb, to help you to make every space amazing.

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Keep gardens tidy

Make the most of what you’ve got with the addition of well-designed garden storage and some wise curation of your tools. With less space taken up with behind-the-scenes kit, you can turn over more to the fun stuff, as al-fresco entertaining is set to become truly all-weather in 2018!

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Hot trends in plants

It’s not just about the design and use of your garden either, here at Show HQ we’re seeing a resurgence in interest in dahlias, as well as a fascinating trend for garden plants that we associate with indoors. So much so that this year’s Floral Marquee will feature a technicolour dahlia feature by Jon Wheatley, plus a stunning 1,200-plant display, by Florest, of hardy Gerbera Garvinea Surprise Series.

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In season, leeks

Ok, so it’s hardly a trend but it’s all about leeks for me this January. Such a versatile veggie - steam it, roast it, soup it, sauté it, braise it…and on and on. It’s versatile in the plot as well as in the kitchen as if you sow from February to June in intervals, you can harvest from late August until February. This freezer-friendly Leek, Bacon and Potato Soup is just the ticket on a wintery day.

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