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09 Mar 2017

Garden Lover's Diary - March 2017

BBC Gardeners' World Live

One of the best bits about BBC Gardeners' World Live is the inspiration to be found in Show Gardens. A wide variety of styles, colour schemes and techniques mean you're sure to find ideas you love and can't wait to recreate at home! From the APL Avenue Gardens designed for average sized gardens but with ideas that go above and beyond, to the Tesco 'Every Little Helps' Garden showing how little changes can make big differences.

I can't wait to share our bumper crop of gardens with you, in this very special year, as we celebrate Gardeners' World at 50! So much so that this month I'm dedicating my newsletter to our Show Gardens!

Gardeners' World at 50

Harking back to when Gardeners' World first aired, The Nostalgia Garden transports you to a classic village scene from the era with bubbling streams and plants in profusion. The Beautiful Borders also take inspiration from this milestone of broadcasting history including one dedicated to none other than Nigel the Dog!

The Anniversary Garden

The way we garden has changed over the years and this garden celebrates every detail. From crazy paving of the 70's to outside rooms and naturalistic planting of the 00's - a brief history of modern gardens!

APL Avenue

From our first ever garden designed for trendy hipsters, to a family garden with magical folly and one for suburban wildlife lovers, these gardens are packed with space savvy ideas and fantastic ideas to recreate at home.

Garden Vistas

Bringing us magic and romance the Wyevale Garden Centres Garden will be packed with heady scents and take-home ideas, whilst the MS Society Garden is a stunning representation of 'The Journey to Hope' centred on reflection and mindfulness.The Serenity Garden will help you leave worries behind and absorb the spirit of the garden.

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