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12 Jun 2017

Living in Sync

BBC Gardeners' World Live & Viv Seccombe
Living in Sync

Artemis Landscapes logoBritain’s front gardens have been slowly disappearing in favour of paving and driveways. As a result wildlife in our gardens has suffered. But it's not all bad news - as awareness grows and the trend towards sustainability increases, more and more gardeners are working alongside wildlife, giving each creature the chance to play an active role.

At BBC Gardeners' World Live this year, you can see the opportunities for us all to be 'Living in Sync' with wildlife in a stunning Show Garden designed by Viv Seccombe with wildlife expert Rachel Merrick and landscape architect Nick Green of Artemis Landscapes.

Living in Sync - Show Garden Design, APL Avenue

The ‘Living in Sync’ Garden forms part of the APL Avenue, where five Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) members have, with their designers, won their places to create their show gardens at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2017.

Combining beauty, form and function, the Artemis Landscapes ‘Living in Sync’ Garden celebrates lush planting with recycled materials and clever storage to create a diverse, practical space and permanent habitat for wildlife.  Re-used materials and permeable paths lead to colourful, wildlife friendly planting with flashes of jewelled, recycled glass amongst borders and contrasting vibrant wildflower living roofs, disguising storage. 

beetles that you can encourage in your garden, wildlife, sustainability

When chatting with Viv Seccombe, it's clear that this is a real passion. She explains "The priority was to design a space that wasn’t a compromise for the owners – combining practical features, beautiful design, somewhere that they could immerse their interest in sustainability and that could inspire others to recreate.  It was important for us to attract nature for the long term, so we commissioned the charity Pericles to build the ultimate free standing bug boxes, with more hidden in the boundary hedges.”

bugs that you can encourage in your garden, wildlife, sustainability, bees, birds, butterflies

“By using recycled, low carbon and permeable materials we’ve created a sustainable space that will attract diverse wildlife, essential to the garden’s ecosystem, but also for shape and durability” says Landscape Architect Nick Green of Artemis Landscapes - the APL Landscaper responsible for bringing this Show Garden to life.. 

birds that you can encourage in your garden, wildlife, sustainability. wren, blackbird, bluetit

“To help visitors understand the essential roles of wildlife in our gardens, we’ve created a guide designed by Wonderful Wildlife, available at the show and to download at” says Rachel Merrick. “We selected plants specifically to foster sustainability”

The team will be handing out fantastic leaflets from the Show Garden including a selection of these wonderful illustrations by Rachel Merrick - so you can take the ideas home and recreate them in your own garden.

We can't wait to see what wildlife will make it's way to the Artemis Landscapes ‘Living in Sync’ Garden at The NEC this week! Join us to see for yourself...

(Illustrations copyright: Rachel Merrick)


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