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15 May 2017

National Sandwich Week

BBC Gardeners' World Live
National Sandwich Week

To celebrate National Sandwich Week, we decided to find out what some of our top experts would call their favourite all-time sandwich.

Joe Swift and James Alexander-Sinclair have put forward their much-loved sandwich combinations and paired them with expert growing tips so that you can get the very best home-grown ingredients for your lunch box.

Joe Swift at BBC Gardeners' World Live 15-18 June NEC Birmingham

Joe Swift’s ‘Cheesto sandwich’

You will need

  • Two slices of wholemeal or white bloomer bread, nice and chunky
  • Soft butter
  • Lots of cheese (cheddar or swiss cheese preferably)
  • A good slather of home-made pesto
  • A sprinkling of peppery salad leaves

Grow your own basil, home made pesto, expert advice

Tip from the Veg Patch - Grow your own basil for a tasty home-made pesto:

  • You can sow basil seeds in May and June. Use a multipurpose compost and sprinkle a few seeds, thinly, in each pot. You don’t need to use standard pots though, you can use anything (just ensure there’s a drainage hole at the bottom). Keep the soil moist, but the trick is to ensure they don’t get too wet as the seeds can rot.
  • When you’ve got an army of little seedlings, pot them on into their own pots. And remember, pesto needs more basil than you think – so get growing now!

Joe Swift has a packed schedule of talks and demos at the Show on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June including the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Theatre sponsored by Wyevale Garden Centres, the Potting Shed Stage and more.

James Alexander-Sinclair at BBC Gardeners' World Live 15-18 June NEC BirminghamJames Alexander- Sinclair’s ‘Non-Revolutionary Sandwich’

You will need

  • lettuce
  • marmite
  • generously sliced bread - white or wholemeal 
  • lots of butter
  • some salad leaves - anything will do from iceberg to lollo Rosso

The key to this sandwich is to work the Marmite into the butter. And, of course, it’s best with home-grown leaves.

Grow your own salad leaves and lettuces

Tip from the Veg Patch - Grow your own salad:

  • To grow my favourite lettuce, lollo rosso, you can sow any time (indoors or outdoors) from March to August – just keep sowing a few new seeds weekly for a continuous supply. Pop them on the terrace or window sill. Just remember to keep them well-watered and use a nice multi-purpose compost.
  • You can grow salad leaves in virtually anything – grape punnets from the supermarket are excellent as they come with readymade holes. Or before you throw out an old baking tray, think again! A couple of holes in the bottom and suddenly you’ve got a great container for growing a nice peppery mix of leaves for your packed lunch sandwiches.

You can see James Alexander-Sinclair hosting the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Theatre every day of the Show – whilst he’s unlikely to be sharing recipes, he’s more than likely to be sharing some great growing tips!

Grow your own in containers, veg in trugs, herbs in pots

Whatever you’re looking to learn or get inspiration for, from growing veg in containers to packing your borders with herbs, you’ll find it at BBC Gardeners’ World Live!

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