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18 Jul 2017

Recipe from the Veg Patch

BBC Gardeners' World Live / Antonio Carluccio
Recipe from the Veg Patch

Antonio Carluccio's Fragole al limone (Strawberries with lemon juice)

Strawberries are certainly a great British favourite for the veg patch, but how about trying something a bit more exotic this year?  With a bit of dedication, a fresh home grown tangy lemon can be yours!

BBC Gardeners’ World Live resident expert Matt Biggs has shared his top citrus growing tips, so that you can create this fantastic recipe by Antonio Carluccio with your home grown lemons! Caroluccio demonstrated this summer dish live on stage at the BBC Good Food Show back in June, and the recipe is also in your showguide!

Matt Biggs, gardening  expert, growing tips, BBC Gardeners' World Live

Tips from the Veg Patch: Matt Biggs, top expert at BBC Gardeners’ World Live, shares his top tips for growing lemons in our British climate:

  • Keep your citrus plants outdoors in shelter and sunshine in summer. Be sure to move them into a light garden room, greenhouse or conservatory before the first frosts in autumn.
  • Four Seasons’, ‘Eureka’ and ‘Meyers’ are all reliable varieties. You only need one plant to produce fruit and there will be flowers and fruit on a single plant.
  • Water with tepid rainwater or soft water.
  • Citrus are hungry plants, feed regularly during active growth.
  • Mist plants daily with soft tepid water.
  • Check daily for pests and diseases, particularly mealybug, scale and aphids.
  • The best way to store fruit is to leave them on the plant!

Whilst your getting the hang of growing your own lemons, try out this fantastic simple recipe from Antonio Carluccio which will make the very most of the strawberries from your veg patch. 

Antonio carluccio - strawberry and lemon recipe - bbc gardeners' world live

Antonio Carluccio's Fragole al limone (Strawberries with lemon juice)

Serves 4


  • 500g strawberries
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 100g caster sugar


  1. Clean the strawberries, without washing them if possible and place them in a dish.
  2. Pour over the lemon juice, then sprinkle over the sugar. Mix well and serve right away.
  3. The lemon juice has a very strong effect, so it is advisable to put it on just before serving.

Credit: Antonio Carluccio’s An Invitation to Italian Cookery (Pavilion Books)

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