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13 Mar 2018

Recipe from the Veg Patch, Carluccio's asparagus & onion omelette

BBC Gardeners' World Live
Recipe from the Veg Patch, Carluccio's asparagus & onion omelette

Recipe from the Veg Patch

Antonio Carluccio's Frittata di asparagi e cipolle (Asparagus & onion omelette)

With the magical, yet brief, Asparagus season nearly upon us, what better time to share top growing tips for these tasty spears from gardening expert David Hurrion, and pair them with this delectable recipe previously demonstrated by the legendary Antonio Carluccio at the BBC Good Food Show Summer.

The recipe will also use your tasty home grown onions and parsley.

David Hurrion, gardening expert, garden tips and advice, problem solved. Asparagus growing tips and advice, for the UK

Tips from the Veg Patch: David Hurrion's top tips for growing asparagus

  • Improve the soil for asparagus by digging out a trench to the depth of a garden spade and half fill it with well-rotted horse manure or garden compost.
  • Return the excavated soil to the trench level with the surrounding surface. Plant bareroot or potted plants with the crowns level with the surface and then mound the remaining soil 5-7cm (2-3in.) over them.
  • Allow the plants to grow for 3 years without cutting spears to allow roots to establish and the strength of the crowns to build up. In the fourth year you can start to harvest the spears when they are 12-15cm (4-6in.) long by cutting just under the surface of the soil with a knife.
  • Leave the asparagus ‘fern’ to grow from mid-June onwards and let it turn yellow and die down naturally in the autumn.
  • Top dress the area where the asparagus is planted with bonemeal. Apply at a rate of 70g/m2 at the end of February and again in June, throughout the life of the asparagus bed.

David hosts the all-new Problem Solved! stage at the Show in June, sponsored by GreenThumb, with Q&A sessions so you can quiz experts including Nick Bailey and Mark Lane, or just absorb clever tips from perfect pruning to sending slugs and snails packing!

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Recipe from the Veg Patch: Antonio Carluccio's Frittata di asparagi e cipolle (Asparagus & onion omelette)

Serves 4–6


  • 1 bunch green asparagus each spear peeled, trimmed and cut into 3 pieces
  • 6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 400g white onion
  • 10 medium eggs
  • 50g Parmesan, freshly grated
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley


  1. Cook the asparagus pieces in a little boiling salted water for 10 mins. Drain well.
  2. Heat half the olive oil in a 25cm frying pan and fry the onions for about 10 mins, until soft but not brown. Add the drained asparagus.
  3. Beat the eggs in a bowl and mix with the Parmesan and parsley. Season with salt and ground black pepper to taste.
  4. Heat the onion and asparagus pan up well, adding a little more of the remaining oil, then add the egg mixture. Cook gently for about 10 mins until solidified on one side. Every now and again use a spatula to gently loosen the base of the omelette from the sides, which allows some of the liquid mixture to hit the base of the pan and set.
  5. When there is no more liquid left, put a plate over the top of the pan and invert the omelette onto the plate, then return it to the pan, uncooked side down. Add the remaining oil and cook for a further 5-6 mins until the underside is brown. Serve hot or cold.

This recipe by Antonio Carluccio can also be found in your souvenir Showguide from BBC Gardeners' World Live and the BBC Good Food Show Summer 2017.

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