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31 May 2017

What is a garden?

BBC Gardeners' World Live & Andy Tudbury
What is a garden?

Garden designers are a clever bunch - whilst many of their talents will be on display at BBC Gardeners' World Live in the inspirational Show Gardens, many a talent lies more hidden! 

In this very special year for the Show, when we celebrate 50 years of BBC Two's Gardeners' World, garden designer Andy Tudbury (Halcyon Days) is celebrating his own milestone - his tenth Show Garden at BBC Gardeners' World Live!

As part of his celebrations, Andy has penned us a very special poem.

What is a Garden?
by Andy Tudbury, Halcyon Days

What is a garden?
I may hear you ask.
As designers it’s our main task
To create such a place,
Paint with plants.

Places of beauty that will make your heart sing!
To design a garden is a wonderful thing!

Somewhere to ponder and relax a bit!
So don’t forget a place to sit!
Remember as well the birds and the bees,
Don’t forget to plant small trees!

Your gardens a picture painted of you.
It has its own spirit 
So respect that to!

Caress Mother Nature to fit your design!
There’s more to a garden than a few straight lines!

Tall plants
Small Plants
Medium ones to
Paint a picture that’s pleasing to you!

A Garden is a place of sensory delight
The Smells
The sounds!
The feel of the plants!
That dance all day, 
Into the night!

It may never be done,
But it will feel so right!
Paint with plants the great Lady said!
On the ground, or in a raised bed!

You won’t believe the joy it will bring!
To create a garden
Is a wonderful thing!

Come to see Andy with his 'Serenity' Show Garden this year, as well as his fellow talented garden designers at BBC Gardeners' World Live this year. 

Is there no end to the talents of the BBC Gardeners' World Live garden designers?


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