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19 Feb 2018

Year of the Dog in your canine-friendly garden

BBC Gardeners' World Live
Year of the Dog in your canine-friendly garden

Dogs and gardens - you might think they're a bit of a clash, but think again!

We're here to help, as we celebrate Chinese Year of The Dog, with top tips for keeping your garden canine-friendly, great gift ideas for dog lovers and practical products that no discerning dog owner should be without - all from the garden designers and exhibitors at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2018.

Owen Morgan, Tesco Every Little Helps Garden at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2017, Mosaic Landscaping

Owen Morgan, award-winning landscape designer who is creating the Tesco Every Little Helps Garden at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2018, shares his top tips for keeping your garden in tip top condition, despite the best efforts of your four legged friend!

  1. Make sure paths are paved and solid, to stop dogs paws getting wet and muddy when they use the garden - especially in winter. All the paths in the Tesco Every Little Helps Garden are created from solid brick or stone paving.
  2. Try planting in containers, this avoids the need for large open planting beds which dogs might be tempted to dig in. The Tesco Every Little Helps Garden is full of great examples of raised and container planting.
  3. If planting in beds, mulch with bark or gravel - this not only limits watering but stops muddy paws. All the beds in the Tesco Every Little Helps Garden are mulched with gravel.
  4. Artificial lawns do not scorch or damage like convention grass lawns when used by dogs. The Tesco Every Little Helps Garden has an area of artificial lawn instead of an conventional grass lawn which is more robust for use by children and dogs alike.

Year of the Dog - canine friendly slug and snail solutions for your garden, gardening

Pet safe and pest free

It's important to consider your pets when choosing to use pest control in your garden. If you're looking for a canine-friendly slug and snail solution, Neudorff's Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer could be right up your street. Not only is the product risk free for your pets, but it also won't harm the local wildlife, hedgehogs, birds or worms. Neudorff are regular exhibitors at BBC Gardeners' World Live and in 2018 you'll find them on stand G60.

Keep your lawn in great condition despite your four-legged friends, GreenThumb lawncare tips

The green green grass of a dogs garden

We've asked lawn care experts GreenThumb, sponsors of our new Problem Solved! feature, to share advice for dog owners who want to maintain a tip-top lawn. 

  • Take the dog out for a walk first thing, to minimise their opportunities to water your lawn for you in the morning!
  • Clear up dog mess as soon as possible, to prevent it soaking into the lawn
  • Watering the lawn after either of the above 'events' dilutes the issues and allows residues to be taken up by the soil microbes
  • There are a number of products which claim to reduce 'burning' - remember every dog is different, but you may find one that works for you
  • Try to keep your furry friend off the lawn in particularly wet weather
  • When having GreenThumb lawn treatments done, keep your dog off the lawn for at least 2 hours, if not more. Notify your local GreenThumb branch if you have just had a puppy as the recommendations for keeping them off the lawn is longer.
  • Do not cut the lawn too short

You can get more lawn care tips direct from the GreenThumb experts daily on the Problem Solved! feature, hosted by David Hurrion and with a number of special guest appearances.

Jardinopia's Labrador pot feet - indoor plants, container gardening, year of the dog

Gifts for the dog lover

There's even more for dog lover's to explore amongst the exhibitors at the Show in June. From Jardinopia's Labrador 'Potty Feet' (£17.95 for a set of 3) to Gap Garden Products' Alsation Weathervane (£64.99) on stand E234 we've got your gifts covered!

walking the dog in style, great boots for both dog walks and gardening

Walk the dog, in style

Browse the footwear at BBC Gardeners' World Live and pick up the perfect pair of boots to make your daily stroll with mans best friend even more of a joy! Try a pair of Gardeners' Feet wellies, stand G42, with orthotic insoles (or customise your own pair with their special insoles). Or pick up a stylish pair of waterproof boots from family business Welligogs, stand E300.

Laughing Dog Food - exhibitor, year of the dog, BBC Gardeners' World Live

Snack time!

After all that hard work, it's time for a treat. Whilst you're at home, tucking into some of the tasty products from the BBC Good Food Show Summer, which takes place alongside BBC Gardeners' World Live, your best friend can enjoy their own tasty morsels from Laughing Dog, Stand G284.

Guide Dogs, Plant Creche supporter, BBC Gardeners' World Live, Year of the Dog

Valued supporters

What better time to say a big thank you to the Guide Dogs team who once again return to BBC Gardeners' World Live as supporters of our Plant Creche in the Floral Marquee and Shop & Drop inside the Halls. Use the service for a donation, and enjoy the show bag free! Even take advantage of the Car Collection service.

Please be aware that only Guide and Assistance Dogs are admitted to BBC Gardeners' World Live and the BBC Good Food Show Summer.

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