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  • Roses continue to be a strong visitor favourite and as such feature in many areas of the Show, not just the Rose Festival! You won't want to miss.

    Read on to indulge in one of the nation's favourite plants and to discover all the nooks and cranny's that we've packed them into at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2017!

  • Wyevale Garden Centres logoAs we get ready to head on site to start building the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Show Gardens, we bring you the second instalment in our Garden Journey - following the journey of Claudia de Yong as she brings the Wyevale Garden Centres ‘Romance in the Ruins’ Show Garden to life.

    Read on as Claudia continues to explore some the most romantic of our British Castles...

  • Achieve the perfect summer lawn with tips from GreenThumb

    16 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live / GreenThumb

    GreenThumb Lawncare logoWe're thrilled to welcome GreenThumb back to the Show this year with their lawncare experts. The GreenThumb team will be poised and ready to meet visitors, armed with their best advice to help you get the greenest grass this summer.

    But you can get a head start with these tips from the GreenThumb experts before you even arrive...

  • National Sandwich Week

    15 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    To celebrate National Sandwich Week, we decided to find out what some of our top experts would call their favourite all-time sandwich.

    Joe Swift and James Alexander-Sinclair have put forward their much-loved sandwich combinations and paired them with expert growing tips so that you can get the very best home-grown ingredients for your lunch box.

    Read on for the recipes and growing tips >

  • Adam Frost chooses the rose

    13 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    In the penultimate nomination, Adam Frost nominated the rose as his Golden Jubilee Plant.

    An undoubtedly popular choice, but will it be crowned as the winner at BBC Gardeners' World Live in June? 

    Keep tuned to find out how to vote, and read on for why Adam thinks you should vote for the rose...

  • Garden Journey

    10 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live & Claudia de Yong

    Wyevale Garden Centres logoWelcome to our Garden Journey - where you can follow the journey of one of our Show Garden designers from concept on paper to reality at BBC Gardeners' World Live.

    Claudia de Yong is the designer for Wyevale Garden Centres, designing their Show Garden entitled Romance in the Ruins.

    Read on to discover the inspiration behind the design...  

  • Tom Kerridge recipe from the Veg Patch

    09 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Tom Kerridge’s Pork and feta burger with cucumber and olive salsa

    To celebrate National Burger Month we’ve teamed up with the one and only Tom Kerridge to share his sensational burger recipe with you.

    The recipe can use cucumbers, chillies, garlic, mint, shallots and spring onions from your veg patch.

    And we've got top growing tips from Jim Buttress so you can even grow your own relish!

  • Always space for at least one more plant

    08 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    We’ve been browsing through the exhibitors in our Floral Marquee this year and realise that, not only do we have well over 100 places to shop for plants, but this year we have a far wider range than ever before, from Alpines to Zantedeschia and everything in between!

    No matter what size garden you've got or what space you have to fill, you'll find the perfect plant right here in our Floral Marquee.

    Read on...

  • Architectural Acer for the Golden Jubilee Plant

    06 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    As we enter the eighth week of the TV programmes Golden Jubilee Plant nominations, we’re nearing the complete list. This week Alan Power puts forward the Acer, for its architectural foliage, colour and interest.

    We'll share details of how to vote soon - and you see all ten Golden Jubilee Plants in our Changing Face of Gardening feature at the show!

    Read on for Alan's reasons for nominating the Acer...


  • Recipe from the Veg Patch

    02 May 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Nadiya Hussain’s Feta and Dill Savoury Muffins:

    Herbs are unbeatable as a home grown ingredient. You need nothing more than a window to grow the freshest flavours for your dishes. Nadiya Hussain is famous for her winning baking skills and surprising ingredients from the veg patch! Here we’re excited to share Nadiya’s recipe for Feta and Dill Savoury Muffins.

    Even enjoy a slice BBC2’s Gardeners’ World 50th birthday cake at the show - Nadiya’s Spiced Beetroot cake.

  • Up the garden path

    28 Apr 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    This early Bank Holiday weekend is the BEST weekend for gardeners – with an extra day there’s time to get really stuck in (or dug in?) be it seed sowing, herb dividing, hosta protecting, bedding deadheading or frost protecting.

    And if it's got your imaginations going for what to do next, don’t despair - BBC Gardeners’ World Live is here to help! 

    Read on for ideas of where a great garden path might take you...

  • Recipe from the Veg Patch

    25 Apr 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Mary Berry’s Goat’s Cheese and Shallot Tart:

    There’s nothing like picking home-grown goodies and cooking up a wonderful meal. Mary Berry is known for her passion for gardens and her recipes are great for fresh ingredients from the veg patch, so we’re thrilled to share her recipe for Goat’s Cheese and Shallot Tart.

    This flavoursome recipe will also benefit from a sprinkling of your home-grown parsley.

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