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  • The jewel in our crown

    05 Apr 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    What a Show this is going to be!

    Our annual visitor favourite, the Floral Marquee, is being taken to a new level this year as BBC2’s Gardeners’ World turns 50. So much so, that this entire blog post is dedicated to – and believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg – the experience that is the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Floral Marquee!

    Join us for a magical ride.

  • Echinacea - Gardeners' World Golden Jubilee Plant #4

    03 Apr 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    On Friday, the fourth Gardeners’ World Golden Jubilee Plant was announced on air and Monty Don welcomed Mark Lane’s nomination.

    Keep tuned for how to vote, as we'll share details here.

    As Monty says “When you’ve heard all 10 proposals you’ll have a chance to vote on your Golden Jubilee impact plant. And then we will announce the result at Gardeners’ World Live in June.”

  • Aquilegia - the plant that loves shady conditions

    28 Mar 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    With Gardeners' World back on BBC2, we're watching with bated breath to see the next nomination for the Gardeners' World Golden Jubilee Plant - because we'll be unveiling the winner at our Show in June.

    In episode 3, Rachel de Thame put forward the Aquilegia. Read on to find out more and join us at BBC Gardeners' World Live where the winner will be announced as part of the anniversary celebrations...

  • Nick Bailey presents the case for the Dahlia

    27 Mar 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    The second nomination for the Gardeners' World Golden Jubilee Plant is in, as presenter Nick Bailey puts forward the case for the dahlia.

    You'll be asked to vote on which of the nominations you think has had the biggest impact on gardens in the past 50 years. And the winner will be announced at BBC Gardeners' World Live in June. So, read on for Nick's homage to the Dahlia...

  • Introducing the Gardeners' World Golden Jubilee plant

    22 Mar 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    The Gardeners' World  50th anniversary celebrations are hotting up. As part of the celebrations, we're looking for the plant which has had the biggest impact on gardens over the past 50 years - with the winner being named as the Golden Jubilee Plant!

    Read on for what Monty Don had to say about the Gardeners’ World Golden Jubilee Plant in the first programme back on 10 March >

  • From inspirational irresistible plate!

    15 Mar 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Question: Which gardening show includes entry to a complete stand-alone food show?

    Answer: BBC Gardeners' World Live!

    With every ticket to BBC Gardeners' World Live including entry to the fantastic BBC Good Food Show we think it's high time that we told you a bit more about what you can expect as you experience a day out with us in Birmingham this summer!

  • Garden Lover's Diary - March 2017

    09 Mar 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    One of the best bits about BBC Gardeners' World Live is the inspiration to be found in Show Gardens. A wide variety of styles, colour schemes and techniques mean you're sure to find ideas you love and can't wait to recreate at home! From the APL Avenue Gardens designed for average sized gardens but with ideas that go above and beyond, to the Tesco 'Every Little Helps' Garden showing how little changes can make big differences.

  • Great ideas, small gardens

    02 Mar 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Here at BBC Gardeners' World Live, achievable inspiration is a mantra. The Show Gardens that we lovingly bring to life each year are the projects of very real, and very good, garden designers who all have exceptional ideas of how you can make the most of your space.

    Read on to discover our first ever Hipster Garden and some of the space savvy ideas in last year's Show Gardens...

  • Whilst the world is an increasingly changeable place, February is a month to glory in the reliability of nature! I am relishing the longer days, the warmer air and the plants coming out of hiding - bringing with it the optimism of spring. We've take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch, bulbs are starting to show, buds are appearing, spring is here - and into the garden we go!
  • Top 10 ideas for a School Outing

    09 Jan 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Bringing a school group to BBC Gardeners’ World Live is a great way to get ideas and plan top-notch gardening projects for the upcoming academic year - and it's great fun too!

    Alongside lively demos from the Skinny Jean Gardener for all School Group visitors, here are our top 10 projects that a visit to the Show could kick-start....

  • Happy New Year! I look back at 2016 with great fondness. I have so many special memories of BBC Gardeners’ World Live including seeing Alan Titchmarsh and Mary Berry live on stage together, stepping onto a totally floating barge in our Canal Garden, watching as florist royalty Simon Lycett presented the brand new Eve Rose, snapping my first selfie with Monty Don and seeing incredible Show Gardens come to life to inspire thousands of gardeners.
  • Top last minute gifts for gardeners

    20 Dec 2016 BBC Gardeners' World Live
    At this time of year it's easy to find that you're missing a few key gifts for loved ones. Gift Vouchers to BBC Gardeners' World Live make the perfect gift, and you can get instant delivery if you print them at home! But here are a few more ideas from our exhibitors, for the last minute-gifters amongst us...

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