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  • Houseplants continue to take the country by storm, one shelf at a time - and they're no longer just for a shelf! Indoor plants add to the look and feel of your home, and are packed with health and well-being benefits, thanks to their detox properties of air purification and oxygen production.

    The Floral Marquee and Plant Village at BBC Gardeners’ World Live are awash with plants, and you'll find an array of award-winning nurseries with specimens you'll not be able to resist adding to your indoor collection

  • 2019 Gardening Trends

    20 Jan 2019 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    January is a month full of hope, optimism and the promise of change. In a world full of distractions, it’s a relief to find that the world of gardening remains solid and as practical as ever, with emerging and growing trends that make the genre ever more inclusive, relevant and exciting.

    It’s with pleasure that we announce the trends that we see emerging in 2019 for hands-on and practical gardeners around the country.

  • Secret Spaces - 2019 gardening trend

    18 Jan 2019 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    A good garden design draws you in, entices you to explore and tells a story. A great garden design contains unexpected details, personal escapes and little surprises. In 2019 we are already seeing the limelight ever-more focused on the creation of secret spaces that are revealed only as you embark on your journey around the plot.

    Exploring the various Show Gardens at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2019 will be incredible way to uncover ideas for creating your own secret space.

  • Tech in the garden – 2019 gardening trend

    16 Jan 2019 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Technology permeates our lives and has, in many ways, transformed the way that we enjoy our hobbies and free time. In the garden, increasing accessibility to and decreasing prices of clever tech items means that we can achieve finishes that would only have been seen in the highest end design in years gone by.

    At BBC Gardeners’ World Live you’ll find a host of innovative technology products to help you garden better. With many more exhibitors still to be confirmed, here’s just a few to look out for at the 2019 event in June.

  • Homegrown teas - 2019 gardening trend

    15 Jan 2019 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Making your own teas can be as simple, or as complicated, as you like, but whichever way you look at it, it’s on the up. In a fast-paced world, we’re looking for little escapes, experiences and authenticity – an aromatic homegrown and homemade tea really fits the bill.

    At BBC Gardeners’ World Live you can seek out nurseries selling great quality plants to take home to nurture for your tea-speriments! Find out more...

  • If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. But if there’s a canny tool that’d make it easier, that’s definitely a good thing.

    At BBC Gardeners’ World Live you’ll find hundreds of exhibitors of quality gardening kit, including many new products that will help to keep the workload down, so you can spend more time enjoying your garden!

  • Crazy for coral in 2019 - Pantone Colour of the Year

    10 Jan 2019 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Few have their finger more on the colour pulse than Pantone, who've announced their Colour of the Year 2019 as Living Coral.

    Our Floral Marquee and Plant Village are a veritable rainbow of colour, but we’ve managed to select a few of our favourite on-trend coloured blooms from exhibitors at the 2019 Show.

  • A Garden Lover's Diary - December

    06 Dec 2018 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    It’s easy to get swept up in festive indulgences at this time of year. If you’re looking for an antidote, let your garden in all its wintery wonderfulness be your tonic.

    Wrap up and head outside, seek out spots that would benefit from winter interest, feed the birds, pot up colourful containers, select festive sprigs for decorations, sow hardy veg and enjoy a cuppa in the brisk December air.

  • Christmas gifts for gardeners and garden lovers

    01 Dec 2018 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Stocking fillers, Secret Santa presents, gifts for friends and family...the list can seem endless. Don't worry we're here to help you with some great ideas for the gardeners in your life!

    Our popular annual Christmas list features best-selling products from a selection of exhibitors confirmed for the upcoming Show. From Tool Gift Sets to outdoor beanbags, boot racks to barbecues, take a peek inside to see what might tempt you...

  • If you're keen to keep your veg patch or allotment going throughout the year. kale is a truly brilliant seasonal vegetable to try.

    Get expert kale growing tips from our friends at the National Allotment Society, paired with a tasty recipe by the Hairy Bikers, 'Garlic Chicken with beans, kale and cherry tomatoes', as demonstrated on stage at the BBC Good Food Show Summer 2018.

  • A Garden Lover's Diary - November

    16 Nov 2018 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    This November vegetables are really hitting the headlines. It’s World Vegan Month and Cancer Research have launched their Veg Pledge encouraging people to go meat free for the month. There is little better than a plateful of homegrown veggies, knowing you’re getting maximum nutrition and taste as well as minimum environmental impact.

  • Seasonal Pears, grow and eat!

    12 Nov 2018 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Pears are fantastic for any size of garden - they're easy to grow and come in a variety of sizes, some even suited to container growing.

    A great seasonal fruit in October and November, this year try something different with your pear crop with a delicious Ricotta, Pear, Honey & Thyme sourdough toast topper recipe from Dan Doherty of London's Duck and Waffle restaurant.

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