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  • Plant varieties packed with festive sparkle

    01 Dec 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    With a touch of frost and a drift of snow appearing like a blanket over the country, my attention turns to the plants which symbolise the sparkle and magic of winter.

    From the enchanting beauty of Rose 'Festive Jewel' to the ever-popular Christmas Box there are a host of wonderfully named plants to spread festive cheer this season.

  • A Garden Lover’s Diary – November

    20 Nov 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    With the weather getting colder, I’ve retreated to the comforts of my garden shed for a bit of a sort-out and some R&R! Whilst in there, I’m gathering my thoughts for the coming year.

    And it’s not just my garden I’m planning for next year… when not in my shed I’m with the team, busy creating the show of all shows for 2018 – mark my words there’ll be no shortage of fresh inspiration coming your way!

  • Chargrilled broccoli, miso dressing, hazelnuts

    14 Nov 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live & Rich Harris

    The veg patch can be looking rather sparse at this time of year, but there are a few top winter veg that will keep you flush in home-grown produce over the colder months, including broccoli.

    This recipe from Rich Harris, demonstrated live on stage at the BBC Good Food Show Summer 2017, gives a fantastic umami twist to the popular winter veggie.

  • Tickets now on sale!

    28 Oct 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Tickets now on sale

    Tickets to BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2018 are now on sale! Click here to be an Earlybird and get yours today and get adult tickets for £18, a saving of £6*, with code WB1.

    By booking early you can get the best seats in the BBC Gardeners’ World Live Theatre - the line-up includes Monty Don, Carol Klein, Adam Frost, Frances Tophill and Alan Titchmarsh.

  • Beetroot and Mackerel Crescents

    23 Oct 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Recipe from the Veg Patch

    Nadiya Hussian's Beetroot and Mackerel Crescents

    As the GYO season comes to an end, you may just still be able to come across some local beetroot to give this recipe the homegrown depth of flavour that it deserves, as demonstrated by Nadiya Hussain back at the BBC Good Food Show Summer in June.

    This recipe will use beetroot, onion, garlic and dill from your veg patch.

  • Every space counts - small garden ideas

    13 Oct 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    The Beautiful Borders at BBC Gardeners’ World Live are one of our favourite bits of the Show. They’re not the biggest or the flashiest, but they are full of passion, impact, creativity and, most importantly, they ooze inspiration!

    This blog will take you on a stroll through some of our favourite bits over the years, with ideas you can have a go at yourself.

    So, have you got a small garden or challenging area that you want to bring to life in 2018? Then read on...


  • A Garden Lover’s Diary – September

    26 Sep 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Welcome back everyone – what a lovely summer! However, I think we can kiss goodbye to any chance of an Indian summer and replace it with soggy September. Our recent weather makes me consider how we need to work with our changeable climate - be it surprisingly hot Aprils or shockingly wet Septembers.

    If you’re gardening in the rain this month, read on!

  • A Garden Lover’s Diary – August

    11 Aug 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    Wow, August, here we are already. This is the moment when so many of us take off on our summer holidays, or these days so many of us stay put for our summer holidays!

    I’m going to be taking time off to explore some areas of the UK that I’ve not been to before - taking in inspirational gardens, parkland and the flora and fauna of the British Isles along the way.

    Have a great summer everyone!

  • Batty for bats in our gardens

    19 Jul 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live & Bat Conservation Trust

    Bat Conservation Trust logoAt BBC Gardeners' World Live this year we were joined by the Bat Conservation Trust for their seventh consecutive year at the Show!

    Their Moonlight Garden, designed to give inspiration and tips for encouraging bats into our gardens, was awarded the prestigious 'Best Indoor Feature' Award. So we thought we'd delve into this subject a little more, with tips and advice you can continue to use at home...

  • Recipe from the Veg Patch

    18 Jul 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live / Antonio Carluccio

    Antonio Carluccio's Fragole al limone (Strawberries with lemon juice)

    Strawberries are certainly a great British favourite for the veg patch, but how about trying something a bit more exotic this year?  With a bit of dedication, a fresh home grown tangy lemon can be yours!

    BBC Gardeners’ World Live resident expert Matt Biggs shares his growing tips, paired with this fantastic recipe from Antonio Carluccio, to get your tastebuds tingling!

  • A Garden Lover's Diary July

    14 Jul 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    All that hard work in the veg patch is now paying off. Top chefs see the importance of home-grown ingredients and at the Show this year you may have seen superstars including Mary Berry, James Martin and Michel Roux Jr sharing inspiring recipes live on stage.

    I’ve selected some of my favourites, paired them with growing tips from our wealth of gardening experts and hope to keep you inspired to grow and cook your own, all year round.

  • Recipe from the Veg Patch

    06 Jul 2017 BBC Gardeners' World Live

    James Martin's Pea & watercress soup with croutons

    July is a pea-lovers dream as plants literally drip with pods, and replenish almost as fast as you can pick them. James is a regular at the BBC Good Food Shows, and was a sell out at the Show back in June 2017 where he cooked this recipe live on stage.

    As well as succulent peas, this recipe also uses shallots, garlic and parsley from your veg patch.


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