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Beautiful Border Case Study

How the Beautiful Border competition started something special for Lanwarne Landscapes

How the Beautiful Border competition started something special for Lanwarne Landscapes

After twelve years in business, James Lanwarne, of Lanwarne Landscapes, was looking to do something exciting to grow his company. Whilst the lure of a Show Garden was tempting, James was sure that as a company they weren’t yet in a position to take on such an immense project in terms of experience, cost and resource.  But a Beautiful Border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live?…James could spot a good idea when he saw one.

The Beautiful Border competition at BBC Gardeners’ World Live gave Lanwarne Landscapes the opportunity to dip a toe in the water, get an understanding of the logistics and gain valuable insight into the ins and outs of building a Show Garden. To deliver a bold impact in the compact space was another challenge – to create something inspirational in just 5x2m, with colour, foliage and sculpture. And rise to the challenge he did!

James, with designer Martin Lines, went on to win the award for Best Border with the design ‘Fire and Ice’ at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2016. When asked how this effected Lanwarne Landscapes, James said “We got confidence - confidence to apply for a Show Garden and confidence to get backing. It meant we had something to present to sponsors to assure them of our experience and that we weren’t going to let them down. The publicity that we got from the Beautiful Border competition enhanced the approach.”

Lanwarne Landscapes went on, the very next year, to create a full Show Garden as part of APL Avenue at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2017. They were announced as winners of the Best Construction Landscaper award at the show’s Press Preview event. 

Not only did the Beautiful Border competition offer them a stepping stone into the world of Show Gardens, James explains how it created a positive energy around the business”.  Wrapping up how the Beautiful Borders helped him achieve his business goals and create a showcase for his company, James comments You can’t rely on things just happening, you’ve got to get out there!” 

This is your chance to get out there – check out the application details below and then speak to the team to discuss how a Beautiful Border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live can help you take your design or landscaping business to the next level.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Show!

The Facts

The Facts

Objective: To re-energise and grow the established landscaping company Lanwarne Landscapes

Strategy: Create a Beautiful Border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live as a stepping stone towards taking on a fully fledged Show Garden

Results: The experience of the Beautiful Border achieved a top award for Lanwarne Landscapes and the publicity that goes with it, as well as enhancing team confidence and drive to reach to the next level. With this proven success, the company could leverage increased support from backers and investors as well as generate new client leads. The company continues to go from strength to strength, taking on ever bigger projects and resulting in ongoing attention from the garden landscaping industry.

Time left to apply...

Time left to apply...

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