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Beautiful Border design and illustration inspiration

If you are applying for a Beautiful Border,  and this is a new experience for you, you may find it helpful to look at the design illustrations from previously successful applicants. 

Your Beautiful Border design drawing doesn't need to be a technical masterpiece. It should clearly convey the planned layout, including planting areas and any features, to illustrate how you plan your Border will look. 

We've selected a few examples from recent years to illustrate the variety of styles that could be used. We recommend using colour.

  • An Oasis of Grace and Tranquility

    An Oasis of Grace and Tranquility

  • Alexa Ryan Mills, 2018

    Alexa Ryan Mills, 2018

  • Caroline Moore

    Caroline Moore

  • The Magnolias

    The Magnolias

  • Nia Blake, 2017

    Nia Blake, 2017

  • Warner Leisure Hotels, 2018

    Warner Leisure Hotels, 2018

  • Beautiful Borders

    Beautiful Borders

  • Kingston Maurward College

    Kingston Maurward College

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