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Social Media guide

Social Media Guide

Social Media Guide

The essential Guide to Social Media for exhibitors at live events
  • Does your business talk to its customers?
  • Do your customers talk to your business?
  • Do your customers talk to each other about your brand?

Of course the answer to all three questions is ‘Yes’. We’re social animals and we love to talk. It’s human nature. It’s what we do.

Human connection is what makes live events so powerful. That’s why social media marketing should be at the heart of every integrated marketing strategy, and why it has particular relevance to live events.

Social media and live events are both about the engagement between customers and brands, building relationships, earning trust, developing influence and managing reputation. They’re both fuelled by interaction and conversation.

Download Facetime's Social Media guide now

Connect with the shows Social Media today and join in the conversation, talk to visitors and expose your brand 1000s of new people. 

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