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The House of Plants

house of plants

Centre stage in the Floral Marquee, the NEW House of Plants feature will be a beautifully styled roomset to illustrate the incredible results that can be achieved with a range of houseplants. 

Roomset designer Sam Theakstone and Joe Bagley, of UK Houseplants, will be on hand to answer any manner of indoor gardening queries.

With houseplants known to improve our wellbeing, this feature will be a striking place to find inspiration to make your indoors a greener place. The roomset will include space-savvy and creative ways to display your houseplants, with no space left un-adorned! Along with the houseplants, the open plan kitchen and living space will showcase upcycling ideas and a sustainable approach to creating a beautiful interior.

Designed and styled with house plants at its core, this interior will showcase the benefits of bringing the outside in. Working with suppliers with a passion for producing products that have purpose, the House of Plants will show you how old and new items can be used to create a luxury space.

Recycling can be a perfect way to enliven an indoor space, without costing the environment. In the lounge area, the luxury sofa from Swyft Sofas has been teamed with recycled cushions made from French grain sacks by Maison Brocante, and a rug by Eaton Square made from recycled plastic bottles that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The rest of the lounge will be styled with house plants in a variety of ways, from palette coffee tables to a repurposed old fireplace. Look out for the range of recyclable plant pots from Elho, that are 100% recyclable.

The flooring, supplied by The Colour Flooring Company, is comprised of a refreshing, carbon negative take on traditional cork tiles. Tough, waterproof and easy to lay, Corka actually removes more carbon from the atmosphere than is used in its manufacture.

The kitchen island has been designed as an area for herbs and plant care with a seating area that includes fabulous stools from Woodmancote Retro, made with recycled cosmetic bottle tops. The dining table is an extension to the kitchen seating area, with an upcycled tabletop and benches styled by Cox & Cox.

Fusing a range of upcycled and new items, don’t miss this innovative brand-new feature in the Floral Marquee! Featured plants will be available to purchase from the wide variety of exhibitors.


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