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Beautiful Borders 2018 Media Pack

Garden Press Event, Beautiful Borders 2018 media pack

Beautiful Borders – Small Space Ideas

With 73% of BBC Gardeners’ World Live visitors stating that they own a medium-sized garden or smaller, never has it been more important to inspire gardeners to make the most of their space, no matter how challenging. The Beautiful Borders competition is unique to this Show, packed with take-home ideas of how to squeeze the most into your garden be it growing veg in tight spaces, dynamic planting combinations or clever ways to use materials. 

With this year’s Beautiful Border theme ‘Small Space Ideas’, garden designers around the country have been creating their designs to inspire the 100,000 visitors expected at the Show in June. Here’s a selection of those going forward to create their Beautiful Borders at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2018, with more to be confirmed

SATISFYING THE SENSES, designed by Emma Murphy, Gill Gardner and Helen Johnston, Bayberry Garden Design
Sponsors:    Greg Pearson Originals, Thomas and Briggs, Bosworth’s Garden Company
This border takes a non-descript outdoor setting that will be familiar to many - the area outside the back of an old terraced house, often a utility area, lacking light and planting, hemmed in by walls and fences, yet a key view point from the house. Demonstrating how this area can be transformed, Satisfying the Senses is an intimate space that draws the home owner outside, to experience the sounds, sights, smells, touches and tastes, promoting a sense of well-being and serenity away from busy urban life.

BRINGING LIGHT TO THE SHADE, designed by Sue Hayward with Blakefield Nurseries
Situated in a north-facing shady corner, this Border tackles an area considered difficult to plant with impact. The large pale urn adds drama by appearing to float over the planting. The mirrored pedestal below echoes the foliage and emits reflections of light. Interest is further added with contrasting plant forms and leaf textures, delicate flowers and variations of foliage to lift the shade with ghostly Betula Utilis Jaquemontii forming a light canopy. The corner is transformed into a focal point, visible into dusk and adding invaluable winter interest.    

A SPACE FOR ALL, designed by Caroline Moore
A ‘Space for All’ is a polyculture bed of edible flowers, vegetables and cutting garden flowers. Each plant displays multipurpose attributes and benefits to the whole eco system. The flowers are edibles and/or pollinators as well as offering up the potential for and eye-catching bouquet. In addition, combination planting has been used to boost the growing potential of adjacent vegetables and fruit. The design aims to create an easy and pleasurable picking experience with four flowery avenues to the vegetable bed centre piece.

THE JAR OF LIFE, designed by Nikki Hollier, Border in a Box
Sponsors:    Solus Décor UK, Screen with Envy
Inspired by the ‘Jar of Life’ analogy, this border is filled with rocks to symbolize the most important things, followed by gravel and sand to signify the next levels of importance that fill the spaces between them. The border is filled with sensory plants which either smell divine, are tactile, taste amazing, or look beautiful, all contributing to our wellness. The water feature makes a restful sound and the relaxing colour palette creates a space which can easily be reproduced at home in a sunny garden.    

ALL I EVER WANTED, designed by Eva Zandman, Delonix Designs
All I Ever Wanted displays a wide variety of flowers in a small space, to display that even with a small space can have a wow-factor border. By packing the border with a high density of each chosen plant, en-masse, for impact, each of the varieties are shown off to their best effect, clearly visible and able to be fully appreciated for their beauty. 

WOODLAND WONDERLAND, designed by John Brodie, John Brodie Gardens
This border shows how shady corners can be used within a garden with many woodland plants which are used to reduced light and root competition from trees, which can leave the surroundings soil very dry. The design uses ferns, specialised grasses, herbaceous ground cover and bulbs, specifically with planting that will be in flower in June, with a simple colour palette of white, powerful in shady situations as it reflects black light, with contrast provided by splashes of yellow and burgundy.     

FIND A PLACE IN THE SHADE, designed by Aaron Marubbi, Marubbi Landscape 
Every garden has an element of dry shade - this border aims to show how dry shade doesn’t have to be problematic. Taking inspiration from birch forests and a Bridget Riley painting, Aaron’s design aims to capture the movement and sway of the birch trees and grasses. The conservative palette includes whites, to brighten a dark spot, mauves for contrast and a variety of fresh greens. 

BURSTING AT THE SEAMS, designed by Oaklands College 
Making sure that every space counts, this Border is centralised around a social area, with a combination of growing space and seating. The table and stool tops are planted with succulents and a tree emerges from the table, creating natural shade and movement. The main structure of the furniture is glass, with a mirror framing and reflecting, for depth. The plants have been chosen with lavender and silver colour schemes, combining a hint of burgundy to make the border pop!     

FASCINATING HAUNTS, designed by Katherine Hathaway
As dementia causes memory loss, confusion and problems with speech and understanding, smell, taste and touch can reignite old memories for sufferers. As trips out become more challenging, the tiniest patch of garden can take on a whole new purpose. Working with The Sensory Trust this tiny ‘nostalgic’ garden aims to provide people living with dementia the opportunity to sow some seeds together and to start a conversation – be it about long-remembered scents, the pop of a pea pod or the sweet taste of something that never made it as far as the kitchen.

With special thanks to product suppliers Marshalls for supplying products from their domestic range and Rolawn for supplying their turf and topsoil.  

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Read more about the Beautiful Borders here. For information, interviews and competitions please contact Sarah Sandys-Renton on or 020 3405 4286. Some Beautiful Borders may still be subject to sponsorship/funding. Details correct at time of print.

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