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Fairy Bug Hotel attracts bees and visitors alike at Candide’s #BeeInspired border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live

Sponsor press release, June 2018

Fairy Bug Hotel attracts bees and visitors alike at Candide’s #BeeInspired border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live

  • Candide’s Fairy Bug Hotel has been uniquely crafted to attract wildlife and start positive conversations about insects in the garden
  • The stunning design was created by Ian Cole, known as Papa Coley, and features 16 fairy bug doors and its own tiny rooftop garden
  • Find the Fairy Bug Hotel at Candide’s #BeeInspired show border garden at BB21 at BBC Gardeners’ World Live


Candide’s Fairy Bug Hotel, created from a bespoke design by Ian Cole, has attracted a flurry of winged, magical, and human visitors at BBC Gardeners’ World Live thanks to its striking design and unique beginnings.

Motivated by Candide’s #BeeInspired show border co-designer, Tiernach McDermott, the Fairy Bug Hotel starts positive conversations about the benefits of insects such as ladybirds, woodlice, and bees for gardeners.

Tiernach shares: “My niece was afraid of bees and I wanted a way to chat with her about the value that they bring to all plants and flowers in the garden. With the rise in popularity of Fairy Doors, I worked closely with Ian Cole (Papa Coley) to design and create this fun place of mystery, magic, and wonder where nature and imagination flourish.”

To demonstrate just how small a garden can be, the Fairy Bug Hotel features a tiny rooftop garden where the Fairies can relax or work whenever they care to. The garden is on three levels with a very old Stone Dragon called Rocky in residence. Plants flourishing on the top layer are Armeria maritima Nifty Thrifty, Cotula dioica minima, and Juniperus Old Gold, Sedum Cape Blanco and Thymus capitatus on the second layer, and at the lowest layer features Picea abies Little Gem, Leptinella Platts Black, Sagine Supreme, Heniaria glabra, and Thymus coccineus.

The design of the Fairy Bug Hotel is based around one of the strongest constructions in nature, the Honey Comb, with “cells” arranged to create a modern structure rising out of the ground, providing safe and cosy homes for many different bugs, insects, and fairies. There are sixteen cells in total, each with a fairy door on one side and bug accommodation on the other.

The bug accommodation offers a range of different environments from hollow stems and drilled holes; to dry leaves and pine cones; from layered bark to enclosed dry spaces. Over time these “rooms” will be colonised and many hours can be spent enjoying the comings and goings of this fascinating category of wildlife.

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