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Make Every Space Amazing 2018 Media Pack

Garden Press Event, Make Every Space Amazing 2018 media pack

BBC Gardeners’ World Live – helping make every space amazing in 2018

BBC Gardeners’ World Live sees a strong gardening trend emerging for 2018 for making every space amazing, even the toughest bits. The nation’s gardeners will be turning over previously ignored patches to productivity and beauty, utilising every available sunny ledge for container planting, and enjoying their outside space whatever the weather. As gardeners aim to maximise space and make the most of what they’ve got, BBC Gardeners’ World Live present four brand new features to give visitors the know-how, confidence and wherewithal to make every space count! 

EVERY SPACE COUNTS, presented by BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine
As the new series of Gardeners’ World is about to hit our screens with the ongoing theme ‘Every Space Counts’ the magazine team will bring this to life at the show with two display gardens, a vertical garden and a demo stage where the TV presenters join the magazine editors to show how to garden in the tiniest of spaces, with expert advice and techniques. Monty Don, Adam Frost and many more, star alongside editor Lucy Hall and deputy editor Kevin Smith.

PROBLEM SOLVED! sponsored by GreenThumb
Visitors struggling with common issues such as slugs or snails, uncertainty about pruning or trouble keeping their lawn in top notch condition will glean expert tips and advice from this new stage. Sponsored by GreenThumb, the stage features famous faces from the Gardeners’ World TV programme including Mark Lane and Nick Bailey, all hosted by gardening expert David Hurrion. Armed with this tip advice, visitors will be able to go home and tackle those problem areas in their own gardens!

ON THE WINDOWSILL STAGE, hosted by Matt Biggs
Brand new to the Show this year, On The Windowsill delves into the significant emerging trend in houseplants. Hosted by gardening author and broadcaster Matt Biggs, the stage presents some of the best-known names in houseplants. Plus, alternating with the houseplant talks, experts from the British Florist Association take to the stage to share practical and stunning ways to bring the outside in, with cut flowers. 

GARDENERS UNPLUGGED, hosted by the Skinny Jean Gardener
This brand-new stage brings gardening experts from the digital sphere in to the spotlight. Hosted by Lee, the Skinny Jean Gardener, you’ll find the schedule packed with gardening names usually only found online. The stage will be specially designed with functionality for the bloggers to broadcast live to their channels, plus opportunities for members of the public to meet these experts.

It wouldn't be a garden party without brilliant, summer music. So, we're proud to present the all-new line-up brought to you by the band stand sponsor Warner Leisure Hotels, where a carefully crafted blend of some of their most popular live music acts will shower visitors with great tunes so you can be footloose amongst the Show Gardens.

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