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The Plant Pyramid at BBC Gardeners’ World Live

Plant Pyramid press release, March 2019

A modern wonder of the gardening world

The Plant Pyramid, supported by Peter Seabrook, returns to the Floral Marquee at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2019, with four new satellite pyramids. The Pyramids will play host to a monumental display of up to four thousand plants, all new introductions for either 2018 or 2019.

Following their support of the first Plant Pyramid at BBC Gardeners’ World Live in 2018, Dutch breeders Florist return with a brand-new clutch of Garvinea, the Garden Gerbera. The impressive flowers, both in look and number, as well as the ability of this Gerbera to grow outside and in colder climates, makes Garvinea a flowering sensation. Joining them, HilverdaKooij present a new Echinacea, a Dianthus, a pot Alstroemeria and a garden Alstroemeria.

Visitors to the show in June will be able to see these as well as many more new varieties, including Petunia x callibrachoa 'Beautical' (tipped to be one of the biggest sellers for 2019) and Nemesia ‘Lady Penelope’ which was awarded the HTA new plant award in 2017, and becoming available in Garden Centres from Spring 2019.

British Breeders will be well represented on the pyramid with Whetmans presenting four new Pinks, (Red Carpet, Bridal Star, Flutterby and Pink Ruffles); Frank P Matthews showcasing two new Malus (Malus toringo ‘Aros’ and Eating apple Malus ‘Eden’) as well as Laburnum ‘Yellow Rocket’, and Thompson & Morgan displaying the new Helianthus ‘Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl’. 

Peter Seabrook says “The support from plant breeders at home and around the world, supplying thousands of plants to clad our five pyramids, is quite remarkable.  Garden centres, nurseries and the trade, especially co-sponsors Westlands Horticulture, have and are giving generous support.  It is the 50th Anniversary for The Sun newspaper and our pyramids should make a worthy celebration.”

Set alongside this celebration of new plants, the all-new Pyramid Stage hosts informative talks and demos from breeders who are contributing to the Plant Pyramid. In addition, experts from stage sponsors, Westland Horticulture, will share top tips for indoor gardening from the stage daily, and the British Florist Association will demonstrate how to create stunning floral displays for the home. Local Garden Centre staff including Fresh at Burcot will also be in attendance.

You’ll find the Plant Pyramid, the Pyramid Stage, and a show-load of garden inspiration including Show Gardens and the Gardeners’ World TV presenters, all at BBC Gardeners’ World Live at Birmingham’s NEC from 13 to 16 June 2019. For tickets and Show information visit

Notes to the editors:

For more information please contact or call 020 3405 4286.
Plants appearing on the Plant Pyramid in 2019, with more to be confirmed:

Garvinea ‘Sweet Sunset’ (Florist)
Garvinea Sweet Fiesta® (Florist)
Garvinea Sweet Frosting® (Florist)
Garvinea Sweet Memories® (Florist)
Garvinea Sweet Love (Florist)
MOOODZ® Echinacea (HilverdaKooij)
BEAUTIES® Dianthus (HilverdaKooij)
INTICANCHA® Pot Alstroemeria (HilverdaKooij)
SUMMER Garden Alstroemeria  (HilverdaKooij)
Petunia x callibrachoa 'Beautical' (Sakata)
Nemesia ‘Lady Penelope’ (Martine Tellwright)
Dryopteris ‘Jurassic Gold’ 
Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Silver Ball’ 
Begonia x bonariensis ‘Big Rose Bronze Leaf’ (Benary) 
Osteospermum ‘Purple Sun’ (Selecta)
Helianthus ‘Sunbelievable Brown Eyed Girl’ (Thompson & Morgan)
Pelargonium x hybrid ‘Calliope Hot Pink’ (Syngenta)
Ipomoea batatus ‘Sunpuma Purple’ (Suntory)
Xerochrysum bracteatum ‘Granvia Gold’ (Suntory)
Fuchsita ‘Pink Violet’ (Volmary)
Begonia ‘Sweet Spice Bounty’ (Kerleys)
Malus toringo ‘Aros’ (Frank P. Matthews)
Eating apple Malus ‘Eden’ (Frank P. Matthews) 
Laburnum ‘Yellow Rocket’ (Frank P. Matthews)
Pink 'Red Carpet’ (Whetman Pinks)
Pink ‘Bridal Star’ (Whetman Pinks)
Pink ‘Pink Ruffles’ (Whetman Pinks)
Pink 'Flutterby’ (Whetman Pinks)

Details correct at time of print.

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