TAW Garden Landscapes

APL Avenue 'A Very British Affair'

Landscaper: TAW Garden Landscapes
Inspiration: The British Woodand
Location: Hampshire

This garden is at the back of a relatively modern townhouse, overlooked from three sides. The clients are a professional couple in their thirties, who enjoy entertaining friends and family at the weekends, and wanted a space that would allow this, as well as provide them with peace at home, away from the stresses of their working lives.

The garden includes elevation from Silver Birch, Beech and Cherry trees which create privacy as well as a woodland feel. The clients will feel that they are in a secluded space with somewhere to eat, drink and feel tranquil. The moss wall, with it’s constantly dripping curtain of water, represents a window looking out onto rolling hills shrouded in iconic British drizzle!

The water in the design represents the ‘affair’ of two lovers beginning their journey as it travels across the table, cascading down the cladding and along the rill to an unavoidable 'fork in the road’. The fire represents the passion and warmth that pulls them back together, finishing their journey as it winds its way through the ferns and bluebells to a tranquil rock pool adorned with Calla lilies.

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