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Welcome to The Willow Wand – Living Art For Your Garden

The award-winning Willow Wand ® is coming to Gardeners World Live this summer, including sponsorship of the unique Beautiful Borders Competition, which will showcase how gardeners can squeeze the most into your garden space, no matter how small it might be.   

Willow Wand will be entering two designs into the competition, the first focusing on the provenance of the plants we use. Entitled ‘The Great British Border’, the garden space will utilise UK grown flora only, and will be a feast for the eyes with low level cover, rich colours including silvers, purples, whites and emerald greens. The Willow Wand will take centre stage, celebrating its homeland perfectly.

The second garden, entitled ‘Transforming a problem area without “Costing the Earth”’, will focus on some of the more common garden complaints such as waterlogged soil, and provide sustainable and eco-friendly solution. The garden will be created with low carbon-footprint products such as recycled rubber, glass and edging material, and of course the easy to plant and low maintenance Willow Wand.

About the Willow Wand

The Willow Wand is handcrafted in the UK from nine living willow stems, which are expertly selected by our master weavers, and woven by hand with great accuracy and skill into a visually stunning, symmetrical ‘Wand’. Plant it, water it, watch it grow, and in as little as six weeks the decorative stem will be have magically grown a beautiful topiary crown.

The decorative stem remains fixed in height, but over the first few seasons grafts together into a single trunk, retaining its stunning woven effect. Simply trim the crown to any desired shape; perfect as a centre-piece, in groups, or to form standard decorative hedging.

The Willow Wand® was conceived as a UK-based industry-wide collaboration, it showcases the range of expertise across the UK Commercial and Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (or STH) sectors, a best practice example of how plants and horticulture can positively impact on people’s lives whilst minimising the impact on the planet. What’s more, the Willow Wand is testament to how a product can showcase a true low carbon footprint – from UK field, to garden centres, and ending its journey in our gardens, this eco-friendly plant product closes the loop for truly sustainable gardening.



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