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Floral Marquee Exhibitor List

With one of the largest Floral Marquees in the country, plus further specialist nurseries and growers in the Plant Village, we're proud to have a phenomenal array of quality plants for you to browse and buy.

We will be promoting the BBC Gardeners' World Live exhibitors up until the Show which you can follow on Twitter using the hashtag #SayHello

Alstroemeria Select  FM76
Avon Bulbs FM16
Barnsdale Gardens FM14
Bean Place Nursery FM54
Beech Tree Farm Plants FM35
Bluebell Arboretum FM89
Brighter Blooms FM23
Brookfield Plants FM22
Calamazag Nursery FM4
Chrysanthemums Direct FM87
Cooks Garden Centre FM77
Crafty Plants FM33
Craig House Cacti FM43
Daisy Roots FM32
Derbyshire Bonsai FM3
Desert to Jungle FM45
Dibleys Nurseries FM7/FM8
Eleplants Nursery FM19
Eversley Nursery FM21
Every Picture Tells A Story FM66
Fernatix FM88
Flowers from the Farm SS4
Floyds Climbers FM79
Foster's Exotic & Unusual Plants   FM40
Fuchsiavale Nurseries FM84
Geoff's Fuchsias   FM60
Glebelands Nursery FM37
Golden Hill Nurseries FM86
Grafton Nursery FM25
Green Jam FM70
G&K Carnations  FM87
Hampshire Carnivorous Plants FM90
Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants FM64
Harkness Roses FM48
Harts Nursery FM11
Hedgehog Plants & Gardens FM83
Heucheraholics FM20
High Park Nursery   FM56
Hillview Hardy Plants FM67
Hippopottering Nursery FM50
Hooksgreen Herbs FM53
Hopley's Plants FM69
Hoyland Plant Centre FM41
Ice Alpines FM61
J&A Japonicas   FM34
K & S Nurseries   FM82
K Partington   FM39
Kelnan Plants FM51
L&L Plants FM17/FM30
Larchfield Trees FM13
Laurence Hobbs Orchids FM5
Lockyer Fuchsias FM6
Meadowgate Nursery FM38
Mendip Bonsai Studio FM9
Mickfield Hostas FM63
Moore & Moore Plants FM29
Morton Nurseries FM72
New Forest Hostas & Hemerocallis FM57
Newlands Nursery FM42
Norfield Nursery   FM24
North of England Bonsai FM27
Oscar Plants FM77
Oska Copperfield   FM12
Palms Exotic FM15
Peter Beales Roses FM59
Plantagogo FM46
Plants, Shoots and Leaves FM28
Potash Nursery FM65
Primrose Hall Nursery at Dingley Dell FM75
Priorswood Clematis FM68
Redman Hardy Plants FM36
Roualeyn Nursery FM10
Staddon Farm Nurseries FM62
Stone Barn Landscapes   FM102
Style Roses FM58
Tale Valley Nursery FM31
The Botanic Nursery FM74
The Culinary Herb Company FM2
The Norfolk Olive Tree Company FM55
Tinnisburn Plants FM52
Todd's Botanic FM73
Tom Smith Plants FM49
Toons Cottage Garden Plants   FM80
Tynings Climbers FM85
W Robinson & Son FM26
W&S Lockyer   FM18
Wack's Wicked Plants FM81
Westdale Nurseries FM47
William's Cactus FM71
WS Warmenhoven FM44

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