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The Journey to our Space

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The Beautiful Borders, sponsored by The Willow Wand, is unique to BBC Gardeners’ World Live, packed with take-home ideas of how to squeeze the most into your garden, be it growing veg in tight spaces, eye-catching planting or clever use of materials.

The 2019 theme “Our Space” challenges designers to be adventurous and creative with a bijou spot, giving it a sense of purpose and bringing wonder and delight to all. With over twenty-five Borders expected this year, the area will be awash with flair, variety and vibrancy, and of course ideas that can be infused into even the smallest area of the garden.

Designed by Kate Mason

This border is a reflection of a journey through depression in a shady corner. At the beginning you are forced to bend down under the angled arch way, watching your every step along burnt timber pathways. Here, the dark planting reminds us that the mind is often twisted and messy. The archway represents Kate, her family and their relationship during the bad times. Next, a pool of tears symbolises the beginning of the end, where you learn that its OK to not be OK.  Finally, the end of the journey is a bench, a place for us to sit in peace and quiet, to be mindful while surrounded but lighter brighter planting.

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Marshalls pride themselves as the leading hard landscaping provider for domestic gardens and driveways and are proud to have supplied products to all garden displays at BBC Gardeners’ World Live. Organisers would also like to thank sponsors Rolawn, as the Show Garden designers and contractors are all able to benefit from their Medallion Turf and their safe, consistent, fertile growing media. Plus our partner Hollybush Garden Centre & Nursery will offer exhibitors the opportunity to purchase plants, shrubs, trees and landscape materials from an expert local supplier. 

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