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Creative Roots

Designed by Toby Pritchard

Designed by Toby Pritchard


Travel Theme: Cambodia, Morocco, Florida

This multi cultural garden takes influence from a range of countries including Cambodia and Florida, to create a warm and exotic space in the heart of Birmingham.

The garden is laid out as though viewed from the house, the designer has included elements inspired from several different country’s reflecting the couples love of travel.

Marshalls Symphony Blauw paving takes you from the house onto the patio/seating area, matching paving leads you along the rill inspired by those at Moroccan Yves Saint Laurent gardens, the rill leads you on to the hardwood decking, built on stilts to reflect the couples time staying in Chickee huts reminiscent of the old Seminole tribes in Southern Florida.

The planting is heavy on foliage, using plenty of large leafed shrubs and warm colours to suggest a more exotic location then perhaps their home in Birmingham can offer.

An irrigation system will be installed to keep the garden in good health during summer as they continue to travel and visit new places.

The Marshalls Oyster Quartzite dry stack walling hugs the side of the garden, with climbers and pockets of planting breaking up the walling and reminding them of a visit to the Angkor wat ruins in Cambodia. The left hand boundary is constructed using different heights of 50mm x 150mm treated timber to create a solid screen whilst still allowing light to penetrate.

Design subject to change.

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