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Inspired By Kew

Silver Award: Inspired by Kew

Silver Award: Inspired by Kew

Designed by: Nia Blake

Company: Nia Blake Garden Design

This design is inspired by Monty Don’s visit to the largest herbaceous border in the world - The Great Broad Walk Borders of Kew Gardens. He said it was a “once in a lifetime experience”. The designer then visited herself and loved the way the plants were grouped together in different zones to reflect botanical and horticultural science, whilst creating a fabulous visual display of colour, texture and shape. The design re-creates this concept, focusing on plants from the Asteraceae and Lamiaceae family and monocots. "I would like visitors to be inspired by the science of the groupings whilst enjoying the visual display" - Nia Blake.

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With thanks to:

Veolia for supplying Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner.

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