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The Tesco 'Every Little Helps' Garden 2017

Silver Award: The Tesco 'Every Little Helps' Garden 2017

Silver Award: The Tesco 'Every Little Helps' Garden 2017

Tesco logoDesigned by Owen Morgan, Mosaic Gardens

Tesco, in partnership with their supplier Intergreen and award winning garden designer Owen Morgan, present a garden inspired by small spaces. This is an interactive garden which will offer lots of little helps and inspire you to grow flowers and vegetables in small spaces and containers.

Owen Morgan, Mosaic Gardens, has designed a number of Show Gardens at BBC Gardeners’ World Live, most recently the ‘Health for Life Community Garden’ which won a Gold Medal and Best In Show at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2016.

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Brighten a shady spot    

Brighten a shady spot    

The colourful, shapely leaves of heucheras brighten up a shaded border beautifully. A shady spot needn't be boring. Add colour and interest with handsome foliage plants such as heucheras and ferns. Pop in a few spring bulbs- snowdrops and scilla do well in shade - and you're away.
Make the most of a sunny patch

Make the most of a sunny patch

A little TLC is all your roses need to perform well throughout the summer months. A quick way to make the most of your roses is to deadhead regularly., simply snapping off the flowers as they fade. this will make your plants tidier and encourage a second flush of flowers to enjoy in the sunshine later in the season. 
Create a focal point in small spaces

Create a focal point in small spaces

Low-maintenance potted bay trees bring year-round greenery to patios and balconies. Structural evergreens such as bay trees and box topiary look great in containers on balconies and patios. If you want to create even more interest, add a splash of colour by planting summer bedding plants such as geraniums, lobelia and petunias in the pots. 
Grow your own fruit in containers

Grow your own fruit in containers

Take grow your own to the next level with a potted orchard of mini apple trees. You don't need acres of space to grow your own fruit. Patio versions of favourite apple varieties are bred specifically to stay compact, so they're perfect for a roomy pot outside the back door or even on a balcony.

The garden focuses on five areas.

Area 1

On viewing you can enjoy a building facade which creates a clear domestic setting for the garden. The balcony area shows inventive ways to use plants, perfect for those with small gardens and pot planting. Under the balcony is a shaded area, containing a simple shade planting mix.

Area 2

A simple outdoor seating and dining zone, again featuring planting options in pots or flexible planting options. The area is enclosed by a raised planter featuring bold full sun and dry planting e,g Lavender, Thyme.

Area 3

A long walk through path allow good access through garden flanked by a simple bold border. The path will allow visitors to come onto the garden and full engage with ideas and products. The border is keep to a 3ft a common garden border size and not to challenging for visitors to emulate.

Area 4

Focus point of specimen tree - Acer, surrounded by an additional shade planting area. A storage solution are with planting options flanks path. This could be a bin or bike store and again provides an idea for simple planting additions to a small garden.

Area 5

A small growing space with a green house or cover growing area. A space to explore the current trend for edibles in the garden and exhibit some of the more tender plants available at Tesco stores.

With thanks to:

Marshalls for supplying hard landscaping products.

Veolia for supplying Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner.

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