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The Watchmaker's Garden, Show Garden by Alexandra Froggatt

PLATINUM AWARD, Best in Show, designed by Alexandra Froggatt

PLATINUM AWARD, Best in Show, designed by Alexandra Froggatt

Visitors are invited to walk through this historic and iconic Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham inspired garden. You will be able to wander into the workshop and out along the side path.


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The idea behind the design:

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a bustling, cosmopolitan area, steeped in history. In the late Victorian era the area was booming with trade as the jewellery and watchmaking industries expanded, with it being common for craftsmen to set up workshops in their back gardens to meet demand. The ‘Watchmakers Garden’ is inspired by these 19th century back-garden horologists.

Step onto the garden and you’ll step back in time into a watchmaker’s garden workshop, where the city’s iconic Chamberlain clockface is mid-production, with a workbench surrounded by original tools and artefacts. Outside of the rustic building, the garden is bursting with heirloom and heritage vegetables, including some varieties which would actually have been grown as far back as the Victorian era, herbs growing alongside traditional cottage garden plants and self-seeded native flowers. Unkempt grass areas surround the space, with rustic paths and fencing along with nasturtiums and climbing peas scrambling up posts. Trees and shrubs border the garden, giving a mature feel, as well as screening the boundaries whilst reclaimed and weathered materials are used to create an authentic effect.

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Marshalls pride themselves as the leading hard landscaping provider for domestic gardens and driveways and are proud to have supplied products to all garden displays at BBC Gardeners’ World Live.  Organisers would also like to thank sponsors Rolawn, as the Show Garden designers and contractors are all able to benefit from their Medallion Turf and their safe, consistent, fertile growing media. Plus our partner Hollybush Garden Centre & Nursery will offer exhibitors the opportunity to purchase plants, shrubs, trees and landscape materials from an expert local supplier. 

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