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The Watchmaker's Garden

Designed by Alexandra Froggatt

Designed by Alexandra Froggatt

Visitors are invited to walk through this historic and iconic Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham inspired garden. You will be able to wander into the workshop and out along the side path.

The idea behind the design:

By the end of the 1800's, the Jewellery Quarter was experiencing a boom and extra workshops were being built in gardens to meet the demand. This garden is based around a watchmakers workshop who is mid production of the iconic Chamberlain clock faces, a well-known symbol of the Jewellery Quarter.

The rustic and slightly dilapidated workshop houses Victorian watch making equipment, benches and architects plans for the Chamberlain Clock with tools and old clocks strewn outside. Reclaimed bricks, slate and oak beams would all add to the authenticity of the structure.

Heirloom and heritage varieties of vegetables and salads which were common at the end of the Victorian era are grown in the garden and pockets of cottage garden flowers are mixed with self-seeded native flowers. Unkempt grass areas are around the edges of the space, along with weeds dotted in the paths. Rustic fencing encloses part of the garden with Nasturtiums and climbing peas scrambling up the posts. 

The workshop is built between the garden wall and the back of a jewellery factory, providing an industrial backdrop. Large native trees and shrubs are used around the back and side boundaries to give a mature feel, as well as screening the boundaries.

Extra details to give the garden a real period feel could include smoke being pumping out from behind the factory wall to give the impression of a working furnace, a reclaimed horse cart loaded with goods by the edge of the garden and Victorian lamps and road signs. Reclaimed windows and doors would be used on the workshop and factory and traditional business signs would be painted onto the walls, including the name WT Evans and Sons who actually made the Chamberlain clock face.

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