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The Teapot Plant Pot Competition

The PlantPot Teapot competition at BBC Gardeners' World Live 2019

The Teapot Plant Pot Competition is a gardening competition inviting Early Years nurseries, pre-school settings and reception classes. It runs alongside the popular annual Schools’ Wheelbarrow competition which invites local infants, junior and senior schools to participate.

This competition is a simple and fun gardening activity devised to complement the EYFS Statutory Framework. As well as the planting activity, the children will need to nurture and care for their plants for them to grow and thrive in their containers. As part of the competition, the Early Years leaders and Reception Year teachers are to offer up their Teapot Plant Pots with residents of a local elderly or care home. The topic of gardening continues to span the generations.

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With the plant potted up in the teapot, the children will need to take care of their plants, ensuring they have enough water and light to grow.  Unlike regular containers, teapots don’t have drainage holes - a good rule of thumb is to stick your finger a couple of centimetres into the surface of the compost and, if it feels dry, it’s time to water.  Plants dislike being waterlogged just as much as being thirsty, so remember to check frequently, adding just a little water at a time. 

EYFS leaders should identify a local care home and arrange for the children to visit, offering their Teapot Plant Pots as gifts. Photographs should be taken throughout the activity, from start to finish, to be sent to the BBC Gardeners’ World Live team as part of the entry process.

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