Meet the experts - Richard Suggett

Meet Richard, a true green thumb whose journey with gardening started at the age of 10, cultivating a small vegetable patch at the top of his parents’ council house garden. Fast forward 30 years, and Richard’s passion for growing his own food is stronger than ever.

Today, Richard continues to cultivate his own edible oasis, not only finding joy in the process but also keeping his grocery bills in check. His dedication to the art of ‘Grow Your Own’ has led him to become the host of one of the longest-running edible gardening podcasts.

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Through his podcast, Richard shares his vast experience, stories, and insights about the world of growing your own food. He is on a mission to inspire and encourage individuals from all walks of life to embrace the fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle of producing their own nourishing harvests.

As we embark on the journey of turning gardens into Lean Mean Food Producing Machines, Richard brings his decades of experience and wisdom. Join him in cultivating a thriving community of ‘grow your own’ enthusiasts, who nurture not only their gardens but also their connection to the earth and each other.