Top 10 plants for Valentine's Day with Mint Plants

Looking to add a touch of green love to your Valentine’s Day? Look no further!

From nostalgic favourites like the Aglaonema to the charming heart-shaped leaves of the Hemionitis fern, there’s something for every green thumb (or budding enthusiast). Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just starting your indoor garden journey, these plants are sure to bring joy and vibrant beauty into your home. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect botanical companion for this Valentine’s Day celebration!

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Let their love of gardening flourish with an inspiring day out, with plenty of options throughout 2024, including:

1. Agalonema

A very easy houseplant popular in US offices in the 70s and 80s. Will tolerate lower light and long periods of drought. Perfect for those wanting a splash of gorgeous colour without too much maintenance!


2. Dieffenbachia

A beautiful large leaf tropical plant, loves super bright light. Happy to go dry inbetween waterings too, making it a lovely addition to those brighter spots in the home

3. Dracaena

An absolute staple in the houseplant world, and very easy. Forms a chunky stem as it grows and happy to go long periods without repotting, making it a very easy plant

4. Ficus Ruby

Another easy plant with stunning variegation for those looking for something a little different. The rubber plant loves to go completely dry between waterings, and prefers bright light, making it a good plant for those hotter but drier spots in the home.

ficus ruby

5. Hemionitis (heart leaf fern)

Hemionitis (heart leaf fern) is a ridiculously adorable little fern, producing textured heart shaped leaves on long fuzzy stems. It is hard not to fall for this one.

6. Homalomena Maggy

An underrated plant with deep burgundy stems and stunning glossy heart shaped leaves. These are a little like a peace lily in that they will flop when they are thirsty. Making them a very understandable plant!

7. Hoya Carnosa

Another variegated plant we think is ridiculously beautiful, and much easier than your variegated philodendrons and alocasias that seem to be all the rage at the moment. And the Hoya is so easy! Much like the ficus, it prefers bright light, but is happy to go completely dry between waterings

8. Hypoeste

This little beauty is commonly known as the polkadot plant for its spotted foliage. It loves moisture, so is perfect for the overwaterers in your life!

9. Philodendron: Brasil

Aka heart leaf pothos – comes in multiple beautiful varieties but our favourites are those with bright yellow variegation. The brasil is an absolute classic, with random, striped variegation across the whole leaf. And the micans lime is a newer variety with completely yellow leaves. Each require moderately bright light to keep the yellow colouring strong, but are very easy to keep as they prefer to go completely dry in between waterings.

10. Philodendron: Lime

The micans lime is a newer variety with completely yellow leaves. Each require moderately bright light to keep the yellow colouring strong, but are very easy to keep as they prefer to go completely dry in between waterings.

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New year, new garden, new trends!

We’re through the garden gate into 2023, with a host of gardening trends blooming throughout the country. From house plants reaching dizzying heights of popularity, to the colour of the year ‘Viva Magenta’, read on for our full list of trends.

To get up close and personal with fresh garden inspiration, new plants, the latest gardening kit and more, join us in 2023.

Colour of the Year 2023

Hand-picked by Pantone, the colour of the year has been named as ‘Viva Magenta. 

Pantone describe the colour as ‘brave and fearless, and a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.’

Discover a world of colour and scent in the stunning Floral Marquee,  bursting with award-winning nurseries and display.

Sustainable gardening

Whilst your garden might seem to already be very green, it can always be greener!

Discover ways you can make gardening more sustainable, like upcycling common items to make stylish features. What was a pallet, hessian bags, bits of pipe, and tin cans, could become a planter, grow bags, water features, and wildlife habitats.

Be inspired by the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine editorial team as they’re joined by experts to give tips and advice.

Grow your own food

Looking to go from soil to supper this year? Get brilliant advice from the National Allotment Society at the event.

Peat-free gardening

Learn about the latest peat-free compost from exhibitors who can offer face-to-face advice.

Indoor gardening

Foliage doesn’t just belong outside – bring nature indoors and be inspired by the Houseplant Hub.

Mindful gardening

Beautiful Borders returns with this year’s theme ‘My Garden Escape’ to give you space savvy ideas.

Gardening on a budget

Discover different ways you can let your garden bloom under a tighter budget, with advice from expert gardeners.

Fermented foods

Visit the BBC Good Food Summer Show (with free entry with your ticket!) and discover the latest foodie trends.

Feeling inspired? Find out what else is happening at BBC Gardeners’ World Live this June!