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Show Gardens

Every year at BBC Gardeners’ World Live an exciting collection of Show Gardens come to life in a celebration of how imagination and creativity can transform any type of outdoor space. It's an unbeatable way to get ideas for your own garden.

Show Gardens are judged to the highest standards of design, planting and inspiration. See who won the prestigious BBC Gardeners' World Live Show Garden Awards 2018 here >

(Pictured: 'Made in Birmingham' designed by Paul Stone, in 2018)

Feature Show Gardens

Young Landscapers Award 2019

The BBC Gardeners’ World Live Young Landscapers Award, supported by the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL), returns to the Show in 2019.  The competition is a platform to promote excellence in the landscaping industry and support up and coming landscapers, encouraging them to engage with high profile projects. The two teams of two each build gardens designed especially for the competition. 

Click here to find out more about the competition and apply for 2019.

Young Landscapers Award 2018 gallery >

(Pictured: 'The Square Garden' designed by Diarmuid Gavin, landscaped by Jacob Botting and Laurence Senior of Bespoke Outdoor Spaces for the Young Landscapers Award 2018)

APL Avenue Show Gardens

We're pleased to announce the return of APL Avenue in 2019, this time with a travel inspired theme. Five exceptional landscaping companies will  go forward, each to create a Show Garden packed with incredible back garden design ideas that you can apply to your own space.

Apply today >

APL Avenue Gardens 2018 gallery >

(Pictured: 'A Breath of Fresh Air' Keyscape Design and Construction, designed by Martyn Wilson, in 2018)

Beautiful Borders

Beautiful Borders are an annual visitor favourite, as they display a variety of excellent designs, space savvy ideas, planting combinations and creative features that can be packed into a small garden or area of your garden.

(Pictured: Interest for all Seasons, Beautiful Border designed by Steven Ballinger, in 2018)

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Beautiful Borders 2018 gallery >

Showcase Gardens 

Showcase Gardens are bursting with ideas for small gardens, compact spaces or feature areas in your own garden. 

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Showcase Gardens 2018 gallery >

(Pictured: A Mermaids Tale designed by Julie Haylock, in 2018)

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