Horticultural exhibiting opportunities

If you are interested in applying with a Garden or Beautiful Border, or would like to exhibit in the Floral Marquee or Plant Village, please get in touch with Lucy Tremlett at [email protected] if you would like further information.


Show Gardens are the editorial jewel in the crown and secure significant exposure within the event’s marketing campaign. Show Gardens can generate business or even a subliminal promotion, particularly important for a charity. We welcome gardens both small and large that encapsulate eye-catching designs with well-built construction and innovative planting.

If you have any questions or queries about the application or Show Gardens in general, email Lucy .

Download the application form here.

Showcase Gardens offer designers a step up from Beautiful Borders. The showcase gardens are restricted to below 40m2, but not limited by any theme to allow for creativity and artistry. The Showcase Gardens are assessed with specific criteria that differ from the Show Gardens, and are a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a bigger challenge, although just not too big!

If you have any questions or queries about the application or Showcase Gardens in general, email Lucy.

Download the application form here.

Beautiful Borders are an annual visitor favourite at BBC Gardeners’ World Live as they display a variety of excellent designs, space savvy ideas, planting combinations and creative features that can be packed into a small garden. At just a few square metres, creating a Beautiful Border is a fantastic way to showcase your skills to a large audience of keen gardeners, press and experts.

This year, we invite you, garden designers and creators, to encapsulate the essence of your ideal garden escape, by designing a Beautiful Border at BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2023. Your interpretation of the ‘My Garden Escape’ theme might be a quiet oasis or refuge, a place of mindfulness or an area shaped around it’s mental health benefits and sensory aspects. Or is your ‘Garden Escape’ a place for friends and family to gather, to grow edibles for your table, to let your hair down in, or a firework display of exuberance and colour? Perhaps your Garden escape reflects one of your hobbies or pastimes, or maybe it embodies your ultimate happy place. 

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine subscribers have the chance to enter a Beautiful Border for the Best BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Subscriber Border award. 

If you are interested in getting more information about applying for a Beautiful Border, please email Lucy.

Download the application form here.

The Floral Marquee at BBC Gardeners’ World Live is an integral feature of the show. With exhibitors being the top nurseries from the UK and abroad, the marquee is the prestige of quality plants, dramatic innovative displays and engaging sales areas.

 If you are interested in getting more information about exhibiting in the Floral Marquee in the future, please email Lucy.

Exhibitors have large selling areas both covered and uncovered, with an associated small display of their plants. Applications are welcomed from quality British and International nurseries.

If you are interested in getting more information about exhibiting in the Plant Village in the future, please email Lucy.

Specialist Societies are an important part of BBC Gardeners’ World Live and Fairs and take pride of place in our Floral Marquee alongside world class nurseries. Societies have the chance to interact with engaged and keen gardening visitors.

 If you are interested in getting more information about exhibiting in the Specialist Societies in the future, please email Lucy.

Are you a Health for Life school in Birmingham, UK? Take part in our School Wheelbarrow competition!

School children, from nursery to secondary level, can show off their horticultural talents whilst having fun working together.

The theme for 2023 is ‘Meal in a Barrow’. Find out more here and take a look at previous entries.

Bob Sweet headshot
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Bob Sweet – Horticultural Director

Bob brings a vast amount of knowledge and familiarity with BBC Gardeners’ World Live and will oversee all horticultural aspects of the show including the Floral Marquee, Plant Village, Show Gardens and features.

Lucy Tremlett – Horticultural Manager

Lucy works alongside Bob to deliver all aspects of the show, and is based in the office should you have any urgent questions. Lucy will be working together to process your applications and answer queries.

The best way to a gardener’s heart is through a Show Garden…